Tips and Tricks How to use Extrude in Solidworks tutorial

The “Blind” End Condition
One of the first things to learn about the extrude command is the concept of the end condition. The end condition can be thought of as the parameter or rule that causes the extrusion to stop.

The “Direction 2” Option
Another common option for an extrusion is to extrude the sketch in two different directions.

The “Reverse Direction” Option
Another important tool in the extrude command is the ability to reverse the direction of the extrusion.

The “Mid-Plane” End Condition
When working with the SOLIDWORKS software we often design parts starting from the origin and working our way outward. If you want to create an extrusion with your sketch plane dead center, consider using the “Mid Plane” end condition.

Additional End Conditions
When creating certain features, there will be a significant benefit to incorporating a more dynamic relationship to the condition that ends the extrusion. For example, rather than creating a blind extrusion, you may want to create an extrusion that always g

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