can you give drawing models with dimensions to practice?

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practice models

How to use helical sweep cut to make threads in Pro-E\Creo ??

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Ok lets get started... Used a simple bolt....

how to make pattern along a curve?

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The answer is here.

How do i convert .SLDPRT to .STEP?

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Open the .sldprt file in solidworks that you want to save in any other format

How to model a Hexagonal Nut in Pro/E?

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here is the step by step instruction to create a hex nut in Pro engineer wildfire 5.0.

Repeat command in Assembly mode of proEngineer

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Here's a small tutorial on how to use the repeat command in proEngineer assembly mode..If we want to use a bolt of same dimension @ different locations (with same constraints)..then this command proves to be very useful..

Tutorial:How to model Hook in Pro/ENGINEER?

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Here's the answer for it.. Step 1

Top down assembly with skeleton model in pro engineer.

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following general steps to make top down assembly from skeleton model

how to roll back the model in proe5, is there any way like solid works

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See pic.

How to use Welding

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In the ProE and Creo is possible to create different types of Welds. System automatically calculate with used materials and Weld process. This information is possible to show in the Weld symbol and drawings.

Helical pattern of holes in pro-e.

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I hope, this will be useful for you

Using a reference image in pro e & creo elements to create a logo or symbol

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Using a reference image in pro e & creo elements to create a logo or symbol

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create logos or symbols by tracing the imported image by following the steps below..

Tutorial: Modelling spring having any given trajectory in Pro/E

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Download Model: http://grabcad.com/library/given-trajectory-spring

Creating a Torsion or Tension Spring Using Creo/Elements pro 1.0

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Here are the steps...