LEGO - 01 Basic Dimensions & Bricks Explained

68 9 Intermediate
I get a lot of questions about how I create LEGO parts. This is Part I - The Basics. Most "standard" parts can be created using only simple math. Standard parts consist of square, circular, and angled blocks - regular geometric blocks. I will refer to BrickLink (www.bricklink.com/), but many others use similar methods: Peeron: http://www.peeron.com/ BrickOwl: http://www.brickowl.com/ Brickipedia: http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/LEGO_Wiki etc.

How to model a curved spring

27 8 Intermediate
Let me show you how to use some surface commands which combine in a 3Dsketch for the solid sweep. No coil command needed. on youtube at: https://youtu.be/wcB5OBTrqfA

How to model a dodecahedron

15 8 Intermediate
Let me show you how to model a platonic surface body and use it for a weldment structure. 3D-file at: https://grabcad.com/library/dodecahedron-32

[VIDEO]Universal Joint

14 6 Beginner
Universal Joint design which consists of several design parts such as; Main Shaft, Connector shaft, Spider, Bearing. In making this design using several features, among others: ~ 2D Sketch ~ Extrude ~ Circular Pattern ~ Fillet/Chamfer ~ Assembly Feature ~ Shell ~ etc.

Inventor 2019 Crash Course for Complete Beginner

26 6 Beginner
Still spending so much time, struggling with learning Inventor on your own? You can stop now! Get a detailed explanation of every single tool. This is the first of a series, and I'll like you to check below to know what to expect in this volume. In this Tutorial, I shall introduce briefly the Inventor 2019 interface, demonstrate how to access the inventor self-help learners path, demonstrate the way to set up the software with your desired Unit style, and then put in my best to handle every single sketch tool in detail.

Robust Master Parts

1 6 Intermediate
Make robust designs using multi-body master parts.

Vee block/v block inventor

7 5 Beginner

How to create a Square to Round (Autodesk Inventor)

21 5 Beginner
This tutorial will run you through the process to create a sheet metal square to round from start to finish. Including flat pattern.

How to design a M10 Hex Nut using Autodesk Inventor 2020

1 5 Beginner
In this tutorial i will be showing how to create a M10 Hex Nut using Autodesk Inventor 2020.Normally people create a polygon followed by extruding it and later creating a hole of 10 mm to design one, but that is not enough.We need to do the following steps of creating a polygon, extruding it, create a taper of 45 degree on the top and bottom surface followed by creating a hole and later threading it. Another issue noticed in Autodesk Inventor 2020 is that the thread created on the surface is not the real thread and is just a texture map.Hence we will show you on how to create an actual thread.

LEGO - 02 Building Bricks with Parameters

37 4 Intermediate
I don't get asked this but it is a very powerful tool and will make your life a lot easier. This also applies to other repetitive parts, not just LEGO bricks, and can be applied with the exact same methods.

How to model a truncated icosahedron with Autodesk Inventor

12 4 Intermediate
Mix 2D- and 3D sketches to create this platonic body.

Autodesk Inventor easy practice sketch execution

0 3 Beginner
How create drills, create mirror sketch and different extrudes and holes....

Building Mini Morris Cooper

7 3 Expert
Insane detail level modeling this Mini Morris Cooper. Leave you comments and questions, I will be happy to answer.

How to create NPT (national pipe taper) threads using inventor

13 3 Intermediate
I have had people ask me on here how I model npt threads for some of the parts I make, so I figured I would put it out there for others to see as well. Note: if you look at the threaded models I have on this website you will see that I have clearly taken more time on some of them than others, this tutorial will teach you how to do it the right and proper way.

How to make: Spherical Support for beginners/ como hacer: Soporte esférico para principiante 07 / Autodesk Inventor

2 3 Beginner
In this video I´m going to show you how to make this piece, from the studycadcam blog´s drawing number 544, a Spherical Support, in Autodesk Inventor 2022. You´ll learn to use dimensions and constrain on sketch, extrusion, revolve, work in diferente planes and confuse holes; you can find this piece and the drawing in my grabcad profile https://grabcad.com/alejandra.cervantes.tetrika.mexico-1 or in the blog https://studycadcam.blogspot.com. En este video les mostrare como hacer esta pieza, del plano número 544, un soporte esférico del blog de studycadcam, en Autodesk Inventor 2022. Aprenderán a usar cotas y restricciones en un croquis o sketch, una revolución, trabajar en diferentes planos y como hacer barrenos complicados. Puedes encontrar esta pieza y el plano en mi perfil de grabcad: https://grabcad.com/alejandra.cervantes.tetrika.mexico-1 o en la página del blog https://studycadcam.blogspot.com.