How to Reset Catia V5 to default

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This tutorial presents the steps required to reset Catia V5 to default. The process requires the software to be reset in order to apply the changes. https://youtu.be/gyr-aDfgb_A

How to import 3D meshes with appearance properties in Fusion 360

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Case study regarding various models imported with visual appearances in Fusion 360

Keyshot - Learn the Basics - Panton Chair case study

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KeyShot is a stand-alone, real-time ray tracing and global illumination program used to create 3D renderings, animations and interactive visuals. It is a popular choice for designers, engineers, and marketing professionals because it is easy to use and produces photorealistic results quickly. The reference image can be found at: https://www.vitra.com/en-un/product/panton-chair The 3D Model and the render can be downloaded at: https://grabcad.com/library/panton-chair-82

Import *.STL files at their true scale size in BLENDER

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Blender imports STL files at a 0.001 scale because the STL file format does not specify units. This means that the size of an object in an STL file is arbitrary, and it is up to the software that is importing the file to determine the scale. Blender, by default, imports STL files as if they are in meters, which means that a 1 unit cube in an STL file will be imported into Blender as a 1 meter cube. To import an STL file at a different scale, you can use the "Scale" option in the import dialog.

Import AI generated models in CATIA V5 as editable

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Case study of an AI generated image of a chair converted to a 3D model using an AI image to Mesh Platform (CSM) Video regarding CSM 3D platform - https://youtu.be/y-hYAjR6yVk Video regarding concept generation using Leonardo - https://youtu.be/nB1wIVzCzsI

Import 3D scans (*.WRL) with texture in SolidWorks

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Short video regarding the workflow used to import WRL with texture in SolidWorks

Transfer STL files between Blender and 3D Printing Slicers Software

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For the case study of modifying and transferring this tutorial makes use of Blender. Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D-printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, virtual reality, and, formerly, video games.


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ترجمه داكيومنتاشن freeCad به زبان فارسي

CATIA V5 - Graphic properties colors compared to materials

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In CATIA V5, graphic properties colors and materials are both used to control the visual appearance of a model. However, they have different purposes and effects. * *Graphic properties colors** are used to control the color of the lines, surfaces, and other graphical elements of a model. They can be applied to individual features or to the entire model. * *Materials** are used to control the appearance of the surfaces of a model, including their color, shininess, and transparency. They can be applied to individual features or to the entire model.

CATIA V5 - How to add and configure Decals

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The case study in the video is done on the Panton Chair, you can download it at the following link https://grabcad.com/library/panton-chair-82