diverse shape translation to JT or STP

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Have found a way to import / translate easy shape files like 3ds, wrl, skp, stl, ifc and so on into JT or STP. The shape files can have texture or not. My interest was how to get the shape files with texture translated to JT. For this, I use PCon Planner and save as 3DS. After this, import it into MeshLab (single texture file / no layer) and save it as WRL (VRML 2). This is than easy to import into Teamcenter Livecyle Visualisation (TCVis) and save as JT. If you like to have more imported WRL/JT files into TCvis (JT2Go) please rename the texture or the view results in TCVis (JT2Go) are bad, looks like unplaced textures. If you like to export files with not a texture another way is to use. The fast one with no colours is to save as stl and import it into your volume modeller. The longer way is here to import it into PCon after this save as Skp (Sketchup) and now is to use Automapki (~40 $ or € / year sorry no freeware I have found) and save as STP file. The result you can now import into a volume modeller and use it there or (and) save it as JT and many other files too. Hope you like this tutorial a bit. If you have any questions please let me know.

FreeCAD 0.20 - TechDraw Folha de Desenho 2D

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Nesta aula de FreeCAD vamos aprender a personalizar as folhas de desenho 2D, inserir sua logomarca e também como criar sua própria folha do zero seguindo a norma NBR 10.068

Mechanical stress simulation (FreeCAD 0.19 • FEM Workbench )

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This tutorial give an overview of FEM Workbench on FreeCAD 0.19 which allows mechanical analysis by the finite element method. We will look at the steps to follow to applies a force of given value [N] to selected target geometry. Then perform a finite element analysis without going into details of the calculations.

👍 FreeCAD Mass Properties - FreeCAD Macros Tutorial - FreeCAD FCInfo

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👍 FreeCAD Mass Properties - FreeCAD Macros Tutorial - FreeCAD FCInfo

FreeCAD 0.20 - Desenho 2D Bancada TechDraw

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Neste tutorial para iniciantes no FreeCAD vamos criar desenhos 2D com a bancada TechDraw. Ela é usada para produzir desenhos técnicos a partir de modelos 3D criados no FreeCAD ou importados de outros aplicativos.


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