Keyshot Animation Tutorial Using Simple Model Of High Bypass Turbojet Engine

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In this tutorial i have used keyshot software for animation purpose. I have used a 3D model of a High Bypass Turbojet Engine for denomsration. It took couple of hours to create the animation video that's why i have skipped that part from the video.

Learn the Impeller Design in Siemens NX CAD

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Impeller Design Video series. You can learn the basic impeller design for turbine or pump or compressor by watching this complete video series of tutorial. #impellerdesigninsiemensnx #siemensnximpellerdesign #nxdesign #siemensdesign #impeller #siemensnxtutorial #siemensnxtraining #turbineimpeller #pumpimpeller #compressorimpeller

Air compressor coupler in solidworks

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It provides a quick way to attach piping, with air fitting tools. It makes air fittings simple so that the parts can be fitted by hand rather than by machine.

Why is the compressor outlet air cold?

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Have you noticed that the compressor air outlet is cold? This is due to the adiabatic process occurring when air is expelled, based on the laws of thermodynamics. Watch the video below for a simple understanding of this process.

How to model a turbo compressor impeller in AutoCAD

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This video how to modeling a turbo compressor impeller in AutoCAD. This model just modeling not real dimension product. #autocad #impellerpart #compressorimpeller #turboimpeller Thanks for watching!