FreeCAD Basic Exercise #4

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This tutorial introduces the Construction Mode for constraining sketch geometry and also new features: Polygon, Equal and Fillet (in Sketcher) then Thickness and Polar Pattern (in Part Design).

[Tutorial Video] Spur Gear Involute teeth Profile CATIA using Base circle as basis of construction

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In this video tutorial we will learn how to model a Spur Gear Involute Teeth profile in CATIA using Base circle as basis of construction. In this video I have explained the detailed construction. Let me know if you are facing any problem or any query. https://cadgill.blogspot.com/2019/04/equation-driven-spur-gear-design.html

Tutorial Assembly kiosk

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This specification applies to the supply and delivery of manufactured outdoor MV / LV prefabricated substations for public or industrial distribution, which will be looped to underground cable networks.

ANSYS Tutorial (4K) - topology optimization – scissor type – stabilizer of tipper body

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This video shows the steps how to use of module Topology optimization of program ANSYS Workbench, after define initial conditions of my design. If use this module and not disrespect initial conditions (support , loads, material) I can transform my design more ligther, easy and economy to manufacture with high strength steel.

Frame Generator Autodesk Inventor : Step by Step Bridge Construction Design

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Frame Generator Autodesk Inventor : Step by Step Bridge Construction Building - Design your Construction Tutorial https://youtu.be/Mx47YGNv9Nk

Solidworks tutorials for beginners | Exercise 01 | Geneva gear index

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Learn how to make Geneva Gear Index using solidworks. Perfect tutorials for solidworks beginners as well as intermediate level. From this tutorial, you will learn , Solidworks sketching tools i.e Power Trim, Circle, Circular Pattern, Construction geometry, Dimensioning and many more.

SOLIDWORKS TUTORIAL Sheet metal - Side tipper

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SOLIDWORKS TUTORIAL - How can draw side tipper with tool sheet metal?

Diseño de un puente auto - suspendido

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Puente colgante de 42 metros de luz y con un arco de 8.80 metros de radio