I Built a Military Robot

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Mobile, military robot optimized for use in desert environments which can be controlled remotely or autonomously and can collect/ stream video to a VR headset via its front mounted camera. The method of movement is a continuous track, created using steel roller chain connected by fasteners with 3D printed links. These loops sit on a custom designed drive sprocket and idler sprocket with 4 shock absorber loaded roller pins that act as the suspension system. The drive motors are powered by '18650' batteries, directed by a raspberry pi 4 and connected to a motor controller. For connectivity, a mobile device can connect to the pi's external antenna as it is a WiFi access point. From here, directions can be sent to the robot from the mobile device using the Node Red GUI and additionally, the entirety of the main raspberry pi computer can be accessed for the use of sending custom commands for autonomous movement.

Does not make standard parts,download them.

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Standard parts are not modeled ! Go to side : https://www.tracepartsonline.net/(S(nqfxiakz3pdcrzuhft0mp20g))/content.aspx?home=1&class=TRACEPARTS and FREE download all standard parts ,for all cad software.

How to design Complete Robot using Voice Assistant like JARVIS in Fusion 360

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4-wheeled Robot Design Frame is 3D printable. Components - 1. Raspberry pi 4 2. Sony WebCam 3. Normal 3.5 mm jack Speaker 4. Custom Frame 5. MI 20000 mAh powerbank 6. 100 RPM Dual Shaft BO Motor - Straight with wheels Custom Voice Assistance code is running in background. Voice assistance code is connected with database which is having values like quantity and dimensions of components. Mail me for Jarvis source code. Like this video... 🤘

Stepper Motor

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Stepper Motor Design And Simulation By using SolidWorks. Each Part designed with detailed dimensions.

Control 2 DC Motors with Raspberry Pi!

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Motor Controller: https://amzn.to/3h3C4sG *Electrical:* • Power Supply: https://amzn.to/37DdKLk • Motors Used: https://amzn.to/3aticxT • Motor Controller Shown: https://amzn.to/3h3C4sG


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Modelling a USB Plug in Creo

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In this tutorial I will show you in a step by step process, how to model a usb plug of a unique design using surfaces. We will use simple surfacing tools in Creo plus we will also take a look at using style tool.

Bench power supply enclosure (PartDesign, SheetMetal "Fold a Wall" function, TechDraw & Inkscape)

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This tutorial explain how to make a sheet metal enclosure on FreeCAD 0.19 using a Bench Power Supply as an example. Step 1 to 5 show how to model the enclosure starting with flatten sheet metal. Step 7 to 8 provide some tips to make drawing with all required information to manufacture the enclosure.


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How to use a breadboard for your arduino projects and how the breadboard is layed out.