Tutorial : How to Import Sketchup files to SolidWorks?

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Import Sketchup files to SolidWorks

How to import the model to Fusion 360?

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I have successfully imported the following files: .STEP / .stp / .ipt / .sat / .iam but neither of the two you mentioned. Upload the file from the Data Panel. After upload, it should show up as a thumbnail, right click on it & then 'open'. Parametric mode will be disabled but there's a workaround on youtube (https://youtu.be/H-N1LZufT_o). Good luck.

Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners |TUMBLER |BAT-MOBILE|PART 1

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Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners |TUMBLER |BAT-MOBILE|PART 1 Create Bat mobile using, freestyle,sketch-tracer and generative shape design module.

How to optimize a CAD drawing in AutoCAD

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➤How to optimize a CAD drawing in AutoCAD? If you’ve been working on a file for some time, and you’ve noticed AutoCAD slowing down, then it may be worth doing a bit of a cleanup to help slim that drawing file down. ➤What is an optimized drawing and what are the benefits? An optimized drawing with a minimum amount of unnecessary data tends to perform faster, the drawing load time is significantly better and chances of drawing corruption also reduce to a great extent. ➤In this video I'll show you the most efficient ways of cleaning and optimizing your drawings in AutoCAD. ➤IT IS GOOD PRACTICE TO OPTIMIZE AND CLEAN YOUR DRAWING BEFORE IMPORTING IT INTO OTHER SOFTWARE LIKE REVIT, 3DS MAX ETC. ➤"Drawing Purge" Add-In download https://apps.autodesk.com/en/Publisher/PublisherHomepage?ID=200809200135043

[VIDEO] Export SketchUp File to SolidWorks (English)

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Solid Edge import files with vertex colour

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How to create and import files into Solid Edge with vertex colour. With this little tutorial, it is possible to import into Solid Edge (2020) files that had before texture and mesh. For this you need Mesh Lab, TCvis (Teamcenter) or PLMvis and Solid Edge (2020). In Mesh Lab you can import every file it can read and export it to WRL (VRML).

How to import points from MS Excel in NX?

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Use these scripts to import 3D coordinates from MS Excel file into NX model (unfortunately sample script and files attachments not allowed).

How to open Solidworks New Version File in Older Version | Open SW 2020 File in 2018| Backworks SW

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This process works on every version! With this tutorial, you can open SolidWorks new version files in older versions of SolidWorks. That means you can save your file in 2021 and then can open that file in 2020 or 2019 or 2018 or the previous version. It works in all versions of SolidWorks. Yeap! It's a new method. Video credit: Digonta For more details and update purpose - 🅵🅰🅲🅴🅱🅾🅾🅺- https://www.facebook.com/renderlover 🅸🅽🆂🆃🆁🅰🅶🆁🅰🅼 - https://www.instagram.com/renderlover...

How to import OBJ as editable files in CATIA V5

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How to import OBJ files in CATIA V5 (as editables elements)

[Video] Import Welding Resources

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Hello all, This 2-min tuto will show you how to import the Welding Resources 3dxml file needed for the Weld Design application in CATIA 3DExperience on Cloud. You need to log as "Leader" on the Collaborative Space you want to import the file. You will locate the file here: C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B422_Cloud\win_b64\startup\Welding\WeldingResources Then change to "Owner" role and make sure that welding resources is well applied to the Collaborative Space by opening the DATA Setup application. Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe :)

Sketchup to Inventor-How to export SketchUp to Inventor-convert Google sketchup to Autodesk Inventor

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see the video below

SolidWorks Tutorial - How to Import Images Quick and Easy

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How to Import solid model in Ansys (Static structural Analysis 1)

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In this tutorial, We are going to learn to import any solid geometry in Ansys.

How to import a part in KeyShot 5

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This tutorial help you to have great renders with your animation.