KeyShot: Create Stunning Automotive Visualization

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In this video, I will show you how to create stunning Automotive Renders using Keyshot. ► DESCRIPTION In this two-part series, I will show you how to create stunning automotive renderings using Keyshot. In the first part, we'll focus on creating realistic lighting and camera views for your automotive images using Keyshot's HDR Editor and camera tools. You'll learn how to use HDR editor to create custom lighting. I will also cover how to create new KeyShot camera and create perfect angle for Automotive Renders. In the second part, we'll dive into creating all the materials for your automotive design and rendering the final image in 4K resolution. You'll learn how to apply materials to different parts of your 3D model, adjust the texture and color of your materials. I will show you how to use Keyshot render settings to create sharp renderings without noise. At the end of the tutorial, I will show you how to take your final render to the next level by retouching it in Adobe Photoshop. You'll learn how to adjust the color and contrast of your image to make your render stand out. By the end of this tutorial, you will have have a solid understanding of how to use KeyShot's lighting tools and features to create a realistic 3D automotive render that stands out. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced 3D artist, this tutorial will provide valuable insights and tips to enhance your rendering skills. *Support my work on Patreon and gain access to exclusive perks.* *By becoming a patron, you'll be able to download 3D models and complete 3D scene files used in my tutorials, along with other valuable resources.* 3D Scene ➡️https://bit.ly/3o7FjYf 3D Model ➡️https://bit.ly/42Oh28m ( Free Download - Credit to: RexFu. )

Design Bolt in CATIA

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How to create bolt in CATIA


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Are you looking to develop your idea into a product or enhance the design of your product? Do you need an industrial engineer that will deliver what he promises? I can help You by: -Listening to what You need, -Transforming your idea to a 3D model design that you can see and evaluate, -Making the design ready for manufacturing, -Providing all the files (Mechanical drawings, STL files, STP files, BOM, etc.) that you need to take it to the next step.