how to convert solidworks file to obj ?

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convert solidworks file to obj

STLs and 3D Printing for PolyJet

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This tutorial is the first part of our series about how to prepare and optimize settings for mesh file types supported by GrabCAD Print (GCP). The tutorial explains the building blocks of 3D printing with PolyJet. We will explain the conversion process from a CAD file to an STL file and how to optimize it to achieve the best print results possible. Future tutorials in this series will then explain more advanced types of files and operations.

How to Convert .OBJ Files to VRML in Blender

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Note: As of Blender 2.80, the ability to export VRML files was removed. On the bright side, if you use GrabCAD Print, you can still export full color models by way of a .OBJ file! You can learn here: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/how-to-use-blender-3d-software-with-grabcad-print. If you are using an older version of Blender, this Tutorial will teach you how to take an .OBJ file and convert it to VRML format to prepare it for 3D printing.

OBJ Files for PolyJet

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In previous tutorials in this series, we explained the capabilities of STL and VRML files in 3D printing. In this tutorial, we will explain OBJ files and their expanded capabilities in addition to color, transparency, and bump.

VRML Files for PolyJet

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In our previous tutorial, we defined STLs and explained best practices for using them. In this tutorial, we will explain VRML files and their expanded capabilities beyond basic geometric representation.

How To Use Blender 3D Software with GrabCAD Print

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Blender is a free open source software that allows for animations, visual effects, motion graphics, and even 3D modeling! GrabCAD Print accepts certain files which means you have another way you can print! In this tutorial we will review: -How to Export an STL from Blender -How to Export a OBJ file from Blender

How to import OBJ as editable files in CATIA V5

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How to import OBJ files in CATIA V5 (as editables elements)

Convert STL and OBJ files to STEP files online!

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Convert STL and OBJ files types to modifiable STEP files that can be used in your favorite CAD for free! Convert stl to step stl to stp obj to stp obj to step conversion

How to convert Solidworks file to obj file. with mtl (material).

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> Easiest way to convert 3d cad(STEP/IGES) to obj file. > following software also generate mtl file. Which includes material and appearances.

Freecad - repairing 3D files for 3D printing.

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Using Freecad to heal 3D models that are created in other 3D application. Ideal for those who use sketchup to create 3D objects and export them as stl files.

Convert .obj model in catia

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here is the tutorial link

JP_006_GrabCAD Print: SOLIDWORKSの3MFファイルをGrabCAD Printにインポートする方法

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GrabCAD Printの最新の更新により、SOLIDWORKSなどの業界標準CADツールから3MFファイルをインポートできるようになりました。このチュートリアルでは、SOLIDWORKSで3MFファイルを作成し、GrabCAD Printで3MFファイルのインポート機能を有効にする方法について取り上げます。このチュートリアルは、GrabCAD Printバージョン1.40以上を対象としています。