Modeling an Apple on SolidWorks

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This is a tutorial showing how to model an Apple on SolidWorks.

Close loop.

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Close loop. Sometimes when you try to extrude or revolve a sketch, you only can select lines instead of a surface. This is a very simple example, it just explains how you can close a loop. You can see that the sketch is not fully constrained in the beginning. That is the first thing you have to check. In the beginning that you learn Inventor all your sketches should be fully constrained. I' am sure there are other ways to fix an open loop.

Part-I Alloy wheel & tubeless tyre in Creo parametric 2.0

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Alloy wheel modeeling in creo 2.0 & tubeless tyre By NIlesh Gunjal ME CAD/CAM

Revolved Boss/Base in SolidWorks

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This is a SolidWorks Tutorial teaching you how to use Revolved Boss/Base command.

Revolve feature in AutoCAD

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A presentation of Revolve feature in AutoCAD.

Tutorial - how to create a simple revolve

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Sample tutorial

PTC Creo 4.0: How to create Revolve feature

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The Revolve features are created in a similar way to Extruded features. The main differences are that the section of a revolve must contain a centerline (which represents the axis of revolution) and an angle of revolution is defined instead of a depth. Here is the video tutorial for you: How to create Revolve feature with Creo

Solidworks Tutorial for Beginners | Learn using Revolve & Rendering in SW | Solidworks with Kabir

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In Episode 5 of "Solidworks with Kabir" we are going to design an earthen pot (matka) which is vessel that is generally used to store and cool water through evaporations and has a very easy to follow design. This tutorial covers basic topics like Sketch, Revolve and Rendering and thus makes for an ideal tutorial for beginners. Do write down your suggestions and comments in the section below and let me know how you liked this video. Also, please do ask your queries over there, Happy to help! To support me in my journey feel free to like Like/Comment/Subscribe/Share these videos, they mean a lot.

How to Use SolidWorks Revolved Boss/ Base Feature

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In this video you will discover which you need to know about the revolve feature. This feature is used to revolve a 2D sketch along an Axis or Centerline.

Old Fashioned style staircase

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Learn BricsCAD with practical examples. This week, learn how to use advanced modeling techniques to make a set of stairs in CAD. Commands covered: DIV(DIVIDE) AR(ARRAY)/Path AR(ARRAY)/Polar SWEEP REV(REVOLVE) EXT(EXTRUDE)/Both sides 3P(3DPOLY) IAT(IMAGEATTACH)

Catia Basics-how to use revolve, grove and ractangular pattern command

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Catia Basics-how to use revolve, grove and ractangular pattern command

Learn Revolve Command in Solidwork software

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how to use revolve boos command in solid work software.

SOLIDWORKS [Tutorial Pulley 3D - Part 2] - Extrude | Cut | Mirror

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Tutorial: Revolve Solid Offset Entities Extruded Cut Chamfrer

Autodesk INVENTOR - VALVE - 2D into 3D Modeling - Revolve - Extrude

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In this guide are displayed Autodesk INVENTOR steps modeling based on technical drawings 2D into 3D modeling. Example of exercise/Part Design training. Basic features: Revolve, Boss-Extrude, Cut-Extrude, Mirror, Hole, Circular Patern, Fillet. Basic entities of the sketches: Line, Circle, Arc, Rectangle. Reference elements: Offset plane.

plastic hub in catia v5R20

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plastic hub designed in catia v5 r20