How to create a Square to Round (Autodesk Inventor)

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This tutorial will run you through the process to create a sheet metal square to round from start to finish. Including flat pattern.

Part-I Alloy wheel & tubeless tyre in Creo parametric 2.0

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Alloy wheel modeeling in creo 2.0 & tubeless tyre By NIlesh Gunjal ME CAD/CAM

How to Draw a Proper Round Diamond in SolidWorks (Using Adanced Design)

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I've been always interested in modeling a Proper Round Diamond. after doing some research i came across bunch of models. But unfortunately almost all of them were modeled wrong. after digging deeper into how they are cut I started modeling my own Round Brilliant Diamond using only equations and relations. I felt like sharing this experience with amazing GrabCAD community. Hope you Enjoy it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Before starting I would highly suggest you to spend some time reading about Round Brilliant Diamond cut and get familiar with it's facet names, and know how Diamond proportions work. Useful links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brilliant_(diamond_cut) http://www.jewellerycatalogue.co.uk/diamonds/round-brilliant.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------- I also made a video tutorial of the model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehcEo7F9MZ8 you can download the SolidWorks model here https://grabcad.com/library/diamond-round-brilliant-cut-1

CATIA v5 Reconstruction using surfaces of an incorrect connection area

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CATIA v5 Reconstruction using surfaces of an incorrect connection area Video tutorial by Ionut Ghionea www.catia.ro www.fiir.pub.ro University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania CATIA Part Design Specialist CATIA Champion https://play.google.com/store/books/author?id=Ionut+Gabriel+GHIONEA

Extruding from square to round

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I would use a lofted boss/base for this if you want to do it the simple, solid way. Lofted surface would be more appropriate for a more complex surface model, but here's how you loft a solid boss.

PTC Creo 4.0: How to create Round feature

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Couple of examples - How to create Round feature in Creo: * edge references * surface references * stop at reference * Round properties * Full Round * Variable Round and more ...

3D modeling of Plastic Pallet in the Creo 7

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Used Features: Extrude, Draft, Round, Pattern, Shell

Loft to simulate a full round fillet between 3 surfaces

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In cases where 3 surfaces meet together and the goal is to create a full round fillet in-between, the top surface could be used to extract an isocurve that’s then used as a middle profile for a “Loft surface”. The two main vertical surfaces are shortened by the amount of approximate radius (in this example, the radius is 5 mm, because the two main surfaces are 10 mm far from each other) and set to tangent start and end for the loft operation. That would maintain the desired top limit for the rounded surface, though it will not produce a true radius fillet.

3 solutions to a classic case with failed fillets in Rhino

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3 solutions to a classic case with failed fillets in Rhino

Creo Parametric 3d Modeling Exercise

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In this video, I have shown basic features like circular pattern, counterbore holes, extrude offset to the plane etc. Hope you like it.

Spline Path

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Very hand solutions for random, circular, round paths to create pipes, cables etc.

Full round fillet between 3 surfaces

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This tutorial shows how to use a tangent circle to 3 surfaces to build a full round fillet in-between.