Project | Vertical Drawer Mechanism Wood Working in Solidworks

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Working Of Oscillating Fan

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Ever wondered how table fan oscillate or turns from left to right or vice-versa. It is based on four bar mechanism and worm and worms gear.

Resize-able part template in Solid Works 2004

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This tutorial will show how to create an easily resize-able part template in Solid Works by using a MASTER" sketch along with supplemental sketches and weldment profiles. I use it for raised panel doors, drawers and cabinetry. in this tutorial the files I am using are titled "14.875 x 20.125 Door frame.SLDPRT", "13. x 18.25 Door Panel.SLDPRT" which are part of "14.875 x 20.125 Door Ass.SLDASM". This is my first attempt at doing a tutorial so here goes nothing. {​ ;-) File location = https://grabcad.com/library/14-875-x-20-125-door-ass-1

CNC Bed | Three Axis CNC Machine | Part 1

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Fusion 360 | CNC Bed | Three Axis CNC Machine I am designing complete three axis CNC machine in fusion 360. so here its 1st part, which is include design & Assembly of 6045 and 4545 Aluminum rail by using blueprints.

Solidworks advanced tutorials 125 | Working with surfacing | Sketch an egg

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Solidworks advanced tutorial. Learn How to use loft surface with a vertex and rectangle sketch? How to make offset planes? How to control loft surface end/start conditions? How to knit? How to thicken surface? Solidworks tutorials for surfacing, making an egg.

Siemens Nx 12 install Setup and Error [-10004] %100 Solution-%100 Working

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