How to convert solidworks file into STEP or IGES file...??

pls,answr me quickly..

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It is really simple Shridharan, see below.

Answered with a tutorial:

Some advice regarding saving files from solidworks.
Iges and Step are great, but consider parasolid (XT) - I have just tested, an 8.6 meg solidworks file as Iges come out at 6.5 meg and as parasolid 1.33 meg - GrabCAD we should have a parasolid option, this makes sense for upload/download and server space, best option for email as well - most solid modellers will open parasolid.

Also with feature based modelling - if you need to email or upload data try rolling back to the origin in the tree, all features suppressed, the same file at 8.6 meg with features suppressed come in at 3.9 meg.

If you have installed solidworks, open the file with it and click save as. Choose file type .step or .igs and then save it whereever you want.

if you don't have solidworks, you can request it from grabcad users.

Solidworks 2011 frnd...

Yeah,it s student version Robert..Cant we export step files in student version..??

~No you can't i had the same issue the other week. My offer still stands if you need it. :)

Thank u fr ur answrs indrek and,I already tried it...

Send me the files to and i will do it on the SW 2011 full version i have open right now :)

@Admin It sounds good..why dont we try it..?

I was convert solid works file to iges and step file ,both iges and step file become error. how to convert witout error.solid work file not have any error.
please answer to me

what version of Solidworks do you have?

Isit the student version of 2011? If need be i can save the files for you if you want?

Use GrabCAD Workbench. Upload you sldprt file to workbench then you can right click on the uploaded file and select "download as". You can download the file in the format of STEP, IGES, STL, Parasolid, ACIS, JT, or VRML.

If your still struggling I'd advise you to check out my tutorial for converting files in Workbench
How to convert CAD files in Workbench