Part 2: Introduction to Color Proofing: Uploading the Stratasys Color Profile

This tutorial is a continuation of my last tutorial "Part 1: A Look at Color Proofing". It will demonstrate how to install the J750 color profile, to ensure the most accurate results during soft proofing.

  1. Step 1: Why do we recommend it?

    In part 1 of this series, we introduced the basics of color proofing and the different options available.

    We explained that in soft proofing, you take the color you selected in the RGB color space and simulate how that color would look after it is remapped to CMYK. We do this because 2D and 3D printers use CMYK.

    To ensure the most accurate results, you should make sure that the program you are using is displaying not just the generic CMYK color space but rather a specific Stratasys color profile.

    In this tutorial we will show you how to install the appropriate Stratasys profile onto your computer and use it to soft proof in Adobe Photoshop®. This will enable you to align your design expectations with the colors that are possible to print

  2. Step 2: Uploading the Profile

    1. Navigate to:

    This PC > Windows C: > ProgramData > Stratasys > PolyJet API Service

    2. Select Profiling.

    3.     Select the desired profile, right click and select "install Profile"

    Stratasys_J8_7xx_VeroUltraWhite_HT3_VividCMYK.icc is the most recent color profile optimized for all the vivid resins and the new Vero Ultra White / Black resins. If you do not yet have Vero vivid cyan (or any vivids), then use the appropriate profile for the resins you have. 

    -For Vero non vivid colors use:


  3. Step 3: Finding the profile in Adobe Photoshop

    Now we will apply the color profile in Adobe Photoshop®:

    1.      Open a document in Adobe Photoshop®.

    2.      Select View > Proof Setup > Custom…. 

    3.    When the following dialog box appears, select the desired Stratasys profile from the Device to Simulate drop down menu.

    Also, ensure that you have:

    Black Point Compensation deselected.

    Simulate Black Ink selected.

    Fantastic! Now you are all set up.

    Our next tutorial will demonstrate how to use the Stratasys profile to simulate a printed part's final color in Adobe Photoshop®. As well as how to make adjustments if required.

    Questions? Comments? Let us know.