How to Raise Your GrabCAD Score

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Your score on GrabCAD is not terribly important, but it is nice to have a better score, and not be "ranked" dead last on a site with four million users. What can you do to increase your score?

I Built a Military Robot

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Mobile, military robot optimized for use in desert environments which can be controlled remotely or autonomously and can collect/ stream video to a VR headset via its front mounted camera. The method of movement is a continuous track, created using steel roller chain connected by fasteners with 3D printed links. These loops sit on a custom designed drive sprocket and idler sprocket with 4 shock absorber loaded roller pins that act as the suspension system. The drive motors are powered by '18650' batteries, directed by a raspberry pi 4 and connected to a motor controller. For connectivity, a mobile device can connect to the pi's external antenna as it is a WiFi access point. From here, directions can be sent to the robot from the mobile device using the Node Red GUI and additionally, the entirety of the main raspberry pi computer can be accessed for the use of sending custom commands for autonomous movement.

Q. Die casting die Design process?

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Ans: Die Casting die Design is a complicated process. In which we need to considered so many things and Calculation During Design. For Example shape and size of the part, material of the part, type and capacity of the machine, lot size, and tolerances required. Based on these parameters we design Cavity layout ,parting Design, gating, runner system and Cooling design.

Automated parameterized model of tiled wall (Autodesk Inventor 2020)

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Model of a tiled wall for designed of bathroom, WC etc. https://grabcad.com/library/automated-parameterized-model-of-tiled-wall-1

Static Structural Analysis

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The static analysis aims to analyze the stress results, deformation results, shear-moment diagram, and reaction force results. in this tutorial, you will learn how to do static analyses for assembled models. It's an excellent tutorial for beginners in Ansys workbench. Statik analizin amacı, gerilme sonuçlarını, deformasyon sonuçlarını kesme-moment diyagramını ve reaksiyon kuvveti sonuçlarını analiz etmektir. Bu eğitimde, montajı yapılmış bir parça için statik analizin nasıl yapıldığını öğreneceksiniz. Ansys tezgahında yeni başlayanlar için çok iyi bir eğitim.

Design of Water Wheel Run of River Project in SolidWorks

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Watch Video https://youtu.be/O93AwksMTvg

How to design Complete Robot using Voice Assistant like JARVIS in Fusion 360

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4-wheeled Robot Design Frame is 3D printable. Components - 1. Raspberry pi 4 2. Sony WebCam 3. Normal 3.5 mm jack Speaker 4. Custom Frame 5. MI 20000 mAh powerbank 6. 100 RPM Dual Shaft BO Motor - Straight with wheels Custom Voice Assistance code is running in background. Voice assistance code is connected with database which is having values like quantity and dimensions of components. Mail me for Jarvis source code. Like this video... 🤘

Producing SPUR GEAR on Milling Machine [INDEXING]

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Hey community members, Today's tutorial is a not a designing ones, but its regarding the process of milling gear teeths. One of the most common ways of making spur gears is by using a dividing head on a milling machine. The dividing head makes it possible to cut a gear with almost any number of teeth. The whole point of using a dividing head is that it is designed for dividing a circle into an equal number of parts. When gear cutting this determines the number of teeth to be cut.

Reading Resistors

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How to read resistors by looking at the markings or by using the meter.