Trailers – How to Design & Build

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This is at least the second or third major version of this book and hopefully the final version. After 14 years of writing, rearranging, drawing and calculating we have found that it will take three volumes to present this material. The first volume has six chapters which include most of the things people think about when they think about building a trailer. The 2nd and 3rd volumes cover calculations and other technical aspects which are also very much a part of building a trailer and often don’t get included in the process. Frame strengths and towability are covered in Volumes 2 and 3. If you actually do intend to design and build your own trailer, reading and understanding all three volumes will help you understand many of the basics necessary to start and work through your project. The information in this series applies primarily to trailers under 7500-lbs gross capacity. Some may be applicable for larger trailers but an expert should be consulted.