Ship propeller blade in Catia (surface design)

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all the steps are made with random dimensions which well be useful and easy to learn surface modeling in catia and the benefits of surface can also be identified.

sketch placement in CATIA

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Here is a short video to show how to place an image in CATIA for Sketching, sketch tracing, surface modelling, etc.., tomorrow i will make a video on Sketch tracing and surface filling in CATIA follow this link to view the completed car model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxbM5ePbKFI

Tracing on the placed IMAGE in CATIA in 3D

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In my Last video i showed you how to place an IMAGE in CATIA In this Video Ill show you how to trace the Image in CATIA In 2 Different Methods - 3D - CURVE - COMBINE

Catia Emergency Button Assembly Design Tutorial

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How to design and assembly and rendering emergency button basicly.

CATIA V5 - Animated Sketch StickMan

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CATIA animated sketch is a feature that allows you to create a dynamic animation of a 2D sketch. This can be useful for visualizing the motion of a mechanism or for demonstrating the changes that occur in a sketch as a parameter is varied.

How to change 3D file into 2D in Catia V5

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In catia V5, How to draft a 3D model into Engineering Drawing and give dimensions.

How can i convert the catia files into .3dm .stl .prt etc files ?

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I think you have both catia and solidworks with you. Save the files in .cgr or .igs format using your own catia. Then open it in solidworks and save it to desired format using save as button..........

CATIA v5 Video tutorials - full list

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A full list of free video tutorials for CATIA v5. Uploads come every week, so be sure you go for a subscription ;) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdQgksc1s4OYxYeoC66cEUZRyrVKGWIfZ