Sketch Driven Assembly Pattern

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Using a sketch driven patterns to position parts in an assembly. Find the Inventor 2020 files here; https://grabcad.com/library/sketch-driven-assembly-pattern-example-1

Learn Helix and Curve Driven Pattern

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The video teaches you to read a technical drawing as per ASME y14.5 as well as how to create it. You will learn to create a helix as well as curve driven pattern along with 3d modeling strategy.


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3D design of an oil cane in soliworks using loft extrude and pattern feature in a very intuitive way hope u like it. dont forget to subscribe for any question and query please cooment below. click on the link https://youtu.be/l2fafG8PuEY to watch

How to Create a Heart Pendant in CollabCAD

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Heart Shaped 3D Pendant Model Created in CollabCAD

helix driven feature in an assy

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How to Create a Wave Washer in CollabCAD

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This wave washer tutorial is created to understand the working of equation driven curve in collabcad.