Tutorial: How to analyze a distributed force in Catia V5 FEM Analysis

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Download the file: Tutorial_FEM_plate.CATPart

Tutorial: How to analyze a thermal load in Catia V5 FEM Analysis

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Download the files: Tutorial_FEM_piston.CATPart temperature.xlsx

Introduction to Finite Element Method /CAE

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Finite Element Method for product design and process improvement.

Spring stiffness calculation in SOLIDWORKS

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How to calculate spring stiffness with Solidworks simulation @cadingal . Static structural analysis of a helicoil spring will be done using self contact approach to calculate spring stiffness in Solidworks.

[VIDEO] ANSYS Friction Stir Welding Tutorial

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How to simulate the friction stir welding process with ANSYS? This tutorial shows how to gather a solution!

How to do a Basic Linear Finite Element Analysis in CATIA V5

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After this tutorial, hopefully you will be able to do a simple linear analysis using FEM (Finite Element Method). The steps are straight forward and the part used is available in my profile (foot peg - ATV). The idea behind this is seeing how it reacts to a Pressure of 125 KPa. All the units in this tutorials are in the IS (International System) but i will put the conversions Metric-Imperial. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS SUCH AS WHERE ARE THE COMMANDS LOCATED DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT ME. Pedro José Silva Campos

[Video] Thermal Analysis of Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger

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This video (Link shown below) Briefs shell and tube type heat exchanger introduction, construction, workflow, etc. It explains shell side and tube side of heat exchanger. It also explains how to apply thermal loading on shell side and tube side, how to consider perfectly insulated condition, how to applied air convection for outer saddle bodies in ansys workbench. It shows how to achieve thermal gradient and match with the applied loading conditions.

Rectangular Plate with a Uniform Pressure Load

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In this vedio we will see a uniformpressure load in a rectangle plate 1. Create geometry 2. Apply constraints 3. Apply pressure load 4. Define required results 5. Solve 6. Examine Results 7. Generate Report

Solidworks balsa bridge structural analysis

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This is a self demonstrated soldiworks exercise to evaluate loading capacity of a small scale bridge made of balsa wood material. By carrying static structural analysis of balsa bridge using solidworks simulation, we will evaluate maximum bending stress, deformation as well as factor of safety parameters. If bending stress is more than material yield strength, then factor of safety will be less than one. Multiply that FoS with applied load to determine loading capacity of bridge with solidworks. For more soldiworks simulation tutorials, please subscribe our channel.

[VIDEO] Abaqus CAE machining tutorials

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How to achieve different machining operations with Abaqus CAE ? This tutorial shows how to set up different machining techniques, like drilling, milling, turning ....and so on in Abaqus CAE ! If you like this, please suscribe my Youtube Channel !

Solidworks Structural Analysis of Storage Tank [Hoop Stress]

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Solidworks Static Structural Analysis of Storage Tank @ANSOL A Storage Tank fabricated from alloy steed is designed to hold pressure of 1.5MPa. Calculate Hoop Stress as well as Longitudinal Stress using Solidworks Structural analysis and simulations. ------------------------ You will learn!!!! How to make surface model? How to carry shell analysis study? How to apply symmetry conditions? How to use vector plot to see stress direction in storage tank.

[VIDEO] Tutorial: How to model Metal Matrix Composites in an orthogonal cutting Simulation with Abaqus CAE

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How to achieve a orthogonal cutting Simulation of Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) with Abaqus CAE ? This tutorial shows how to achieve this, step by step ! If you like this, subscribe my channel at Youtube !

[VIDEO] Ansys 3D machining tutorials

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How to achieve 3D machining simulations with Ansys Workbench? This tutorial shows how to do this! If you like this, please subscribe my channel on Youtube!

ANSYS Tutorials - Static Structural Analysis

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Example of basic Static structural linear analysis . #ansys #ansysworkbench #ansystutorial #ansysfluent #ansyscfx Please subscribe for daily videos on CAD/CAM/CAE software tutorials and projects.


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This collection of videos shows how to simulate following problems: 1. Moving Gaussian heat source 2. 2D and 3D frictional heating 3. Moving double ellipsoid heat source aka. Goldak heat source 4. Pilot node use 5. Moving circle shaped loads (pressure, heat flux) 6. Time dependent heat load