SolidWorks- Sketch ToolBar

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Hello Everyone- Here we are, again with a new interesting video. In this video you will know about all kind of Sketch tools provided in sketch tools of solid works software. Hope you guys like it. Please like and share. If you have any suggestion please comment.

What are differences between configuration manager and property manager in SW?

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See below

Tutorial: How to configure the command manager in Solidworks 2012?

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Configuring the command manager in Solidworks 2011-12.

How to build custom property tab for edgebanding?

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Hi, I use SolidWorks mainly for woodworking. Most of our products are made of MDF with PVC edgebanding. Since we usually don't use pre-milling, I have to make SolidWorks automatically subtract the PVC thickness from the length and width of the parts before showing them to me in a BOM or Cut list table. To do this, I use two different methods (one for assemblies and the other for multibody parts). I know you already know many of the steps, but I'll post them anyway in case someone needs them: