How to change the blades on a 'dumb solid' (CATIA)

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This tutorial is to provide a guide for modifying a CATIA file containing a "dumb" solid. (The reader should be familiar with basic CATIA Part Design commands) This tutorial is to respond to a recent question asked by Nouman Khalid: "This dump solid is generated from a STL and i am given a .STP file. I want all the blades to be similar to generate a reference model for modal analysis. I want the encircled blade to be copied all over rotor. Please guide how this can be done."


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In this tutorial #2 we'll start to modify some of the primitive shapes we inserted from the first video.

How to Edit STL Files by Using SolidWorks Very Simple and Easy

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In this Video Tutorial you will learn how to start your 3D printer from last stopped position by modifying your stl file in solidworks


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In this tutorial we learn how to utilize some of the basic ways to modify solid shapes.

Autocad 2d basic modify commands || Autocad 2020 2d drafting || 2d commands

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Hi friends in this video i explain all the Modify commands in AutoCAD 2020 such as Move, Rotate,Trim, Array, Copy, Mirror, Fillet, Chamfer, Explode, offset and Scale