(VIDEO TUTORIAL)تمارين سوليدو{​كس (Solidworks Exercises in arabic)

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اكثر من 20 تمرين بأستخدام سوليدوركس Solidworks Exercises تمارين سوليدوركس تدريب سوليدوركس تدريبات سوليدوركس SOLIDWORKS exercise سوليدوركس pdf Model mania

How to export your file to PDF in AutoCAD?

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How to export your file to PDF in AutoCAD?

How to export autocad drawing in pdf i real scale?

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i hope it answer your question

Creating Parts Catalog's By Combining PDF's

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I discovered a way to knock out Parts Catalogs for the company I work for. This shaves off ton's of time on creating a parts catalog for your companies products. Typically I export the artwork and combine it in Adobe InDesign, it is a combination of EPS artwork from the drawings, and AI and EPS artwork such as decals, and company logo. The hyperlinks are created in the PDF file, therefore linked to the internal working of the file. Although that way takes quite a bit longer, there is not much difference in quality of the final work. I have created parts catalogs by this method in as few as 2 hours. Posting these to your companies website can save many hours from customer calls. Sample # 1 https://www.norwoodsales.com/files/manuals/kwik-till/HSD800-HSD1200%203PT%20-%20Kwik-Till%20Parts%20Catalog.pdf Sample # 2 https://www.norwoodsales.com/files/manuals/grain%20handler/U-Trough%20Powersweep%20Parts%20Catalog.pdf

How to make a 3D PDF in Solidworks

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How to make a 3D PDF in Solidworks Look at VIDEO : https://youtu.be/jVNXb8a64sk

SolidWorks Tutorial - How to Make a 3D PDF, a Powerful Way to Share Your Model With Anyone

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Attach a document to a Part

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Hi Everyone, In this new 2-min tuto, you will learn how to attach a document to a part in the 3DExperience. In that case, you will print a drawing into a PDF then import and attach the PDF document to the part. This could be done with any type of document. To do so, you need to EXPLORE the part, browse a document on your local machine and attach it. Once uploaded, you can open it or download it. This demonstration is performed on 3DExperience R21x On Cloud. Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe ;)

Where there is a tank or ship or a steam engine, the train of the drawings, I can buy

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i want to find some the drawings ank or ship or a steam engine ,Where i can buy it

Como usar o comando Publish para imprimir arquivos em lotes

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Publish - Tutorial para imprimir diversos arquivos em PDF de uma única vez

How to Print EML File? Know Here

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In this article, We will give an informative solution on how a user is able to convert EML File into PDF Format and take print of that PDF File.

Mor than 25 tutorials 2D Sketch(Intermediate)

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More than 25 tutorials (2D Sketch) you can design it to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13HNccLTD0rhZHQBlDb26Hif0HsSSX_uJ/view?usp=sharing