Tutorial: How to get a helix on a spline/curve/polyline in Catia V5

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The Helix curve function in Catia V5 only allows a helix on an axis or a line. But there is a trick to create a helix on a spline/curve or polyline.

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #3

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The objective of this tutorial will be to hang external geometry with the Circle and Polyline tools. Use the Linear Pattern function and use a subtractive function (Pocket) from a face.

FreeCAD Basic Exercise #2

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The objective of this tutorial will be to use the sketching tools: symmetry constraint, external geometry projection and Polyline. We will also use the Refine parameter to remove an edge.

Line, Polyline, Circle and Arc Command in AutoCAD 2021 in Hindi for beginners

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This video tutorial is about the Line, Polyline, Circle, and Arc command in AutoCAD 2021. So, go through this tutorial and I hope you'll learn a lot from this tutorial. You can check my youtube channel for more videos related to AutoCAD 2021, CATIA v5, Solidworks, etc. The link to my youtube channel is: - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmMR-Y60IhyWIvOy3JhBDiQ Also, check me on Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/dev_3d_design/