Introduction to Finite Element Method /CAE

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Finite Element Method for product design and process improvement.

How to Change Default Unit System in Solidworks

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In this tutorial I will show you how to change units permanently in Solidworks 2015. My operating system is Windows 10.

Ansys Workbench Tutorial: 1-way thermal-structural and fluid-structural interaction simulation (FSI) of a turning tool with inner coolant channels

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How to achieve a 1-way thermal-structural and fluid structural interaction simulation of a complex turning tool with inner coolant channels? This tutorial shows how to gather a solution!

Ansys Deep Drawing of Steel Sheet

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Ansys Workbench Simulation of Deep Drawing Process with Steel Sheet

Sheet metal Y- Duct

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Sheet metal Y- duct 2mm thick

Nissan 350 Z Sports Car Crash Analysis using Ansys Workbench Explicit Dynamics.

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In this tutorial we will discuss how we can conduct an Explicit Dynamics Analysis of Nissan 350 Z Sports Car. In this tutorial you will find the values of Directional Deformation, Total Deformation, Strain (Equivalent Plastic Strain), Stess (Equivalent Von-Mises)

Why is the compressor outlet air cold?

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Have you noticed that the compressor air outlet is cold? This is due to the adiabatic process occurring when air is expelled, based on the laws of thermodynamics. Watch the video below for a simple understanding of this process.

Ansys Workbench Tutorial - How to conduct Bolt Pretension Static Structural Analysis

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Hello friends, In today's video we will discuss about Bolt Pretension Static Structural Analysis in ANSYS WORKBENCH 17.1. This Bracket assembly consists of 3 parts namely Nut, Bolt and Bracket. Watch the full video to see the interesting end results. You will get to see what happens when a preload of 100 N is applied on Bolt's Cylindrical body. If you are new to this channel then do Subscribe the channel , Do not forget to hit the bell icon. Like and share this video as much as possible. Your support is appreciated and helps me to produce more videos like this. Thanks.

Método da Escada.

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Bom Dia. O Método da Escada. Muitos já o conhece, mais creio que a geração atual, devemos á muito fatores, nem se quer ouviu falar, então porque não compartilha-lo á todos. Segue abaixo uma imagem que mostra de forma bem clara o método da escada, que eu utilizei para focar nos meus objetivos profissionais.

lego mechanism

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How to design Wing Nut on Creo | in Hindi | DesignWale GuruG

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In this video we can learn how to design or made Wing nut. A wingnut, wing nut or butterfly nut is a type of nut with two large metal "wings", one on each side, so it can be easily tightened and loosened by hand without tools. A similar fastener with a male thread is known as a wing screw or a wing bolt. Related Quare:- how to design wing nut. how to design wing bolt. how to design butterfly nut. how to design wing nut on creo.