[VIDEO] Stop Valve FEA

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This video (Refer Video Link below) explains detail FE analysis of stop valve. It briefs introduction & construction of stop valve, Also explains the geometry simplification, FEA model mesh creation, contact definitions, bolt pretension and pressure load application, stress extraction and stress assessment though stress linearization using ANSYS. Video Link: https://youtu.be/naaFwGbSQoY

SolidWorks Modeling: Mill Work Stop | Mechanical Parts Design | Machine Tools Design | Dimension

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In this video, Tech Hawk is going to show you how to design Mill Work Stop an important machine tool in details. It serves as a heavy and rigid stop for milling setups. We have also used the almost precise dimension for drawing this part. We have modeled 13 parts here in SolidWorks and make an assembly file later. . 0:00 Introduction 0:35 1,2,3 VERTICAL MEMBER, BASE MEMBER, RIB 9:25 4 ARM 13:20 5 CLAMP 19:15 6 TEE PLATE 21:15 7 STOP ROD 23:50 8 WING NUT 26:00 9 BUSHING 27:10 10 TEE STUD 28:35 11 CARRIAGE BOLT 31:50 12 BLANK KNOB 35:50 13 BLANK KNOB 38:40 Creating Assembly . We hope this video can help you to practice with SolidWorks software ans make you introduced with some of the commands and features of SolidWorks. We all know that, SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering computer program. The software is then used for design and building of mechanical, electrical, and software elements. This is getting more and more important nowadays.

Steam Stop Valve modeling with expert guidance on how to approach complex assembly drawing

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Full length video tutorial on Modeling Steam stop valve in SolidWorks with expert guidance on how to approach complex assembly drawings. For drawing please refer to my blog :- https://cadgill.blogspot.com/2019/04/steam-stop-valve-assembly-drawing-full.html

Catia Emergency Button Assembly Design Tutorial

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How to design and assembly and rendering emergency button basicly.