Some concepts about DIN 5480 spline dimension Part 1

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For some questions that I received. I will upload some tutorials about DIN 5480 dimensions. This is a tutorial explaining some concepts on dimensions of the splines ruled by DIN 5480

Some concepts about DIN 5480 spline dimension Part 3

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In this tutorial, I will explain the concept of addendum correction (modification) and how is applied to DIN 5480 splines

GD&T essential for engineering

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GD&T is essential for engineering projects, GD&T tell engineers how reasonable and feasibility to realize the thing imagined.

AutoCAD | Working with layout view

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In this tutorial video, you can treat your layout as a sheet of paper upon which you can arrange the parts of your drawing systematically, as well as add annotations and other details before creating the final output.

Some concepts about DIN 5480 spline dimension Part 2

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Continuation of part 1. https://grabcad.com/tutorials/some-concepts-about-din-5480-spline-dimension-part-1

Como dimensionar la matriz y los punzones de un troquel de corte

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Con este tutorial pretendemos explicar como dimensionar la matriz y los punzones de un troquel de corte, garantizando la tolerancia de fabricación de la pieza así como logrando la mayor vida útil del troquel.

Single Inspection Dimension for Holes

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I was having a hard time figuring out a good way to dimension a hole with both the diameter and depth of a hole with GD&T in a singe dimension. This dimension also required inspection so I wanted the inspection circle around the dimension and have the properties linked to the model. I did a lot of searching on the internet and did not find a good solution. Here is my solution. please leave your comments if you have a better way to do this.

Solidworks vba userfom

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Hi everyone I made a design of elevator car frame in solidworks and can change the dimensions with vba macro userform. Macro runs on model opening and rebuild the model with new dimensions when clicking update button. Anybody can use the model who don't know anything about solidworks. Have a good day


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Charger design by Solidworks

(VIDEO) How to Size Isometric View (3D View) Detailing - Solidworks

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Using the 75% "rule" on Neck Finish.

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This "rule of thumb" allows us to choose a safe value between a range that has a maximum and a minimum value. By using this rule we will be above the average value, but within the range, obtaining greater security in any case.

NX 11: Interpart Expression

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Interpart Expression: To create or edit a link to an expression in another part. To apply tolerance and link two dimensions in assembly.

GD&T and Tolerance Stack-up Analysis

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GD&T and Tolerance Stack-up Analysis for Design and Manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS Basic 2D Drawing Tutorial | Section View| Detailed View | Drawing Tolerance| Sheet Format

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Hi friends, welcome back to CADable. In this tutorial video we will learn about basics of SOLIDWORKS 2D DRAWING. I hope you like it. Here, I am using my previous 3d model (Practice Exercise 1) and its file is here: https://grabcad.com/library/practice-exercise-1-1 For making a 2d drawing, you need a 3d part, so i am using this model. Here, I have shown how to select sheet format, how to apply different drawing views from view palettes, how to apply automatic dimensions, how to apply manual dimensions, cross sections views, detailed views, isometric views, 3 standard views, dimensions with tolerances, basic, bilateral, symmetric, geometric tolerances etc. How to apply machining symbols, how to apply a text in 2d drawing. After creating the drawing, I have shown how to edit sheet format, applying a material, drawing name, title block, drawing name person etc. Lastly I have saved my drawing in PDF format and I also have checked page setup for printing the drawing. I hope you like it.

Tolerancias y acabado superficial norma DIN

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Tutorial de como puede hacerse planos en inventor, aplicando la normativa DIN