Learn how to model a pencil in Solidworks & render in Keyshot

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In this tutorial, we'll learn how to sketch a pencil in Solidworks using some very simple commands. It is a basic exercise for beginners and it will be a good practice for beginners. Here, we'll learn these commands and features: 1) Basic 2D commands 2) Extrude Boss 3) Revolve Cut 4) Split Line 5) Fillet 6) Dome 7) Color 8) Appearance 9) Rendering I have divided this tutorial into two parts. In the first part we will model the pencil in Solidworks & we'll also apply colors & appearances to the model. In the 2nd part we will render pencil in Keyshot using Keyshot plug-in. Kindly use play pause technique for practice. I have attached files in the description for practice. Feel free to ask your queries in comment section. I will try to answer each and every question Insha Allah. Keep practicing as practice makes a man perfect. #pencil #3dmodeling #cadable Pencil Files: https://grabcad.com/library/pencil-134 Kindly Subscribe our Channel for more Videos and Projects in Solidworks. Please Like and Share Our Videos. Thanks for Watching. Follow our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CADable

Information about Catia - Appearance

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Appearance Ticks are applied as follows.

Save & Apply Decal's on Solid Surface

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Today we learn how to edit and save Decals on to a face or a solid body. To watch the tutorial on Tennis ball models: https://youtu.be/aCe0qosIvG4 I apologize for the funky audio on this one :)

How to create Virtual board material. Woodwork for Inventor

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Here is one tutorial how to make Virtual board material for woodwork for Inventor. You can use this Virtual board when you need to cover multiple parts with one edgeband or veneer.

How to do(Arc,Rib and Appearance)in Solidworks بالعربي

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In this video we will learn to Introduction (0:18) Create Sketch (0:52) Create Arc (5:04) Extrude(5:37) Create Rib (7:35) Create Appearance (9:13) --------------------------------------------------------- for any question please contact us on loma.enso@gmail.com --------------------------------------- thanks for subscribe and share --- ---------------------------------------------------- How to(Fillet in 3D , Rib and appearance)in Solidworks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vVtGDMiiZ8 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Do (Arc & Circle, Rib, Modify drawing) in Solidworks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhVwLM5W_HQ --------------------------------------------------------------------- How to do (universal joint) in Solidworks with animation https://youtu.be/shYCsjtYdlw ------------------------------------------------------------------- Presentation on Gears (Types and Applications) https://youtu.be/FeBGL_IC6NQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to make (Assembly of Belt Roller ) in Solidworks https://youtu.be/CGVJrHHvgD8 --------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to make 3D model of Corona Virus in Solidworks

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Hello Everyone- Here we are, again with a new interesting video. In this video you will know, How to use Revolve and pattern tool of solid works software. And we will make corona virus (3D model, not original) in solidworks.

SOLIDWORKS - How to Assign/Edit Colors and Appearance to Parts

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In this video, you'll learn how to assign color and appearance to components, features, solid body, surface body, and part surface in the part and assembly environment. You will not only learn how to assign colors, but also how to edit colors and lights, but also how we use ready-made textures. In order for these textures and lights to appear on the part in the graphic area, the realview feature must be turned on. Realview Feature: * Your computer graphics card must be compatible with SOLIDWORKS for this feature to turn on automatically. You can use the link below to review the appropriate video cards and drivers for SOLIDWORKS. Link: https://www.solidworks.com/support/hardware-certification/ * Another way to turn this feature on is to make a few changes to the registry. However, since this way will not meet the real requirements of the program, it may cause performance problems after a while. (You can find information on this subject with a short research.) #NonCADKeys #SOLIDWORKS #CAD *** For more and more different content to come We ask you to SUBSCRIBE to our channel and LIKE our videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSD8g4g28uXzAnQJif7T4Ew

Learn How to Calculate Mass Properties of an Object in SOLIDWORKS | Material vs Appearance | CADable

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In this tutorial I will show you how to calculate mass properties of an object in SOLIDWORKS. First of all I have modeled a simple part using extrude boss then I have applied different materials to the object. Here you will learn difference between appearance and material. Feel free to ask your queries in comment section. I will try to answer each and every question. Keep practicing as practice makes a man perfect. #solidworksmassproperties #solidworksmass #howtocalculatemassinsolidworks #CADable Follow our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CADable​