Cross & Dot Product Validated in 3D CAD

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Steps in Validating M = r X F and Maxis = U ●{​r X F}​ using 3D CAD (SolidWorks) Using problem 3-43 and 3-44 from Hibbeler Statics & Mechanics of Materials 5th Edition.

Cross Belt Drive

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I started investigating about making cross belt Pulley, but had no correct resource so started to think and finally revealed with trick and idea. Here it is:

How to Create Full Unfold Cross Section

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In this video, you can see the logic or explanation - How Xsec Full(Aligned) and Full(Unfold) works - you need to select Axis for this type of section or not.

Slicing Tool l Reverse Engineering l SolidWorks 2020

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If you are into reverse engineering, then this tool you shouldn't miss out :) Apart from that also there can be many application of this tool in native file itself! #3d #Modeling #SolidWorks #SW2020 #ParametricModeling #SWTutorial

Cross Flow Turbine Runner SolidWorks Tutorial

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Pipe Connector CREO _ Model

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A CREO Parametric model of Pipe Connector component.

How to create cross sections

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In this tutorial, you can learn How to create cross sections - full and local

IronCAD - Using the Co-ordinate system to create a section

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Use the Co-Ordinate systems to create a section plane. This is a handy alternative the section tool, as it does not cut the solid model.

How to Make Cross Flow Turbine | 3D Printed |

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Manufacturing of cross flow hydro turbine on 3D Printer, each and every thing that is related with cross flow hydel turbine is described in this video, for example runner of cross flow turbine, main casing, runner discs, and intake adopter/ connecting box.

Solidworks Sheet Metal -31- "Cross Breaks"

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https://grabcad.com/library/solidworks-sheet-metal-31-cross-breaks-1 Sheet Metal -31- "Cross Breaks" tutorial with working files and video. (2 Tutorials) If you cannot view the flv video file, then download and install VLC media player located here... https://get.videolan.org/vlc/3.0.12/win64/vlc-3.0.12-win64.exe


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In this video we learn how to design custom cross pipe fitting solidworks. Best practice exercise for beginner. Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE. Support this channel to grow https://www.youtube.com/c/DesainCAD/videos #solidworkstutorial​​​ #designcrosspipe

How to change cross hair and pickbox size in autocad

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How to change cross hair and pickbox size in autocad

IronCAD - Linked Cross Sections

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Create independent parts all driven by the one linked cross section

IronCAD - Multifeature part from one Cross Section

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Create a pipe section with flanges at each end, using one circle to drive the bore diameter with flange OD offset from this.