Transforming shelf in solidworks

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Transforming shelf in solidworks

DIY Laser Engraver

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The DIY Laser Engraver is a simple tutorial, that shows you how to build your own fully operational Laser engraver. It's an Arduino Uno based model, that can learn you many things about electronics and mechanical engineering. Through the Laser you can engrave wood and some plastics. Be careful and use eye-protection, it is dangerous to use lasers.

DIY 3D Printer

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Making a 3D printer

How to Make Working Model of Mini Turbine|DIY 3D Printing

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In this video you will learn how to build a working model of 3D printed mini turbine of 30W. I will use garden pipe to run this turbine. 8 number of LED panels will glow from the electricity generated from this turbine.

Minimalist Wall Mounts

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Hello! im Álvaro Fernández, an artist by heart and a engineer by trade. Im from Concón, a quiet beach city in Chile. In this tutorial Im going to teach you how I make the minimalist stl file I post on this site. Its a begginer tutorial, I encourage to all to try it! you can acomplish it. I use: A pencil. Paper. Rhinoceros 6

SolidWorks Tutorial: Automotive Rim

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Tutorial here:

DIY projects design to value-Make to Market

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzUD7NPRnoJ4sxHQm3n6R8Q?view_as=subscriber- Step by Step tutorials of systems ,cad modeling and cam programming


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We will learn how to model parts for a can crusher. This can crusher will press the can in and out of the hole at the bottom. It will be easier for you because this can crusher uses a rotating handle to operate. Combine with large feeders, so you don’t have to put one after the other to crush them.