A SOLIDWORKS face mask with Surfacing

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A request was posted in the Questions section asking that an STL file be converted to a proper CAD format. I completed the conversion, and received some requests for older versions of the file, or instructions on how to make it. SOLIDWORKS does not do backwards compatibility very well, so here are the steps I took to make this face mask. A SOLIDWORKS 2020 model and Step file can be downloaded here: https://grabcad.com/library/coronavirus-covid-19-mask-request-1

Face Tracing Robot using Raspberry Pi | OpenCV | Computer Vision | Fusion 360

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Cloning Spot robot features in DIY 4wd raspberry pi robot. Face detection and robot control. Components used- 1) Raspberry pi 4 2) Sony webcam 3) 4 × 100 rpm bo dc motors 4) L298 Motor Driver 5) speaker 6) 4 × wheels 7) 3d printed robot chassis Soon uploading the scripts on github repository... 😊 Do like and share it! 🧡

How to Make Face Shield on Laser Cut Machine Download dxf file for free

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In this video I will show you how I have made Face shield of acrylic on my laser cutting machine. This face shield can be used to protect you from germs from other people, also you can use this face shield to protect yourself while operating grinding machines or other industrial machines. I hope you will find this face shield useful.

Ansys Workbench Tutorial: Static structural simulation ofa force density function in the rake face of H-slot turning tool

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How to achieve a static structural simulation of a force density function in the rake face of H-slot turning tool? This tutorial shows how to gather a solution!

(Video Tutorial) How to use Wrap feature in SolidWorks | Sketch onto a planar or non-planar face

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This feature wraps a sketch onto a planar or non-planar face. You can create a planar face from cylindrical, conical, or extruded models. You can also select a planar profile to add multiple, closed spline sketches. The wrap feature supports contour selection and sketch reuse. You can project a wrap feature onto multiple faces. . click Insert, Features, Wrap.

Tutorial - Modeling Spring in AutoCAD using extrude face?

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This video illustrates all the steps involved in making this 3D spring model

Modelling of Draft on Circular Face for Forging Components

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Describes the method of making drafts for forging components in CATIA using Generative Surface Modelling

Make Face Shields|Download free dxf file of Face shield|DIY Project

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If you own laser cutting machine then you can earn more revenue by selling transparent face shield of acrylic sheets. In this video you will learn how to laser cut and bend Acrylic face shield. Transparent Sheet thickness: 2mm flat pattern sheet size : 8.5 inch x 13 inch This shield could be used as protection in grinding machine operations, wood cutting machine operations, lathe machine operations and many more.

Trim Body, Split Body, Divide Face, Trimmed Sheet commands in Siemens NX

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This is the basic tutorials for beginners who are learning Siemens NX or NX Unigraphics for the first time, however this tutorials can be reviewed by those also who wanted to recover the every aspect of particular commands. I have listed all command below I am explaining in this video tutorial. This is first time I recorded this tutorial with vocal instructions. In this tutorial you will get introduced with following Master Features of Siemens NX9 specially, but you can use in any NX versions. - Trim Body - Split Body - Divide Face - Trim & Extend - Trimmed Sheet Have any queries? - comment on it. Like my videos if you are satisfied & for more videos, kindly Subscribe my channel. For any commercial discuss please visit www.rinkeshpatel.com Thank You.

how to create detail thread on conical face?

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If I understand your request correctly - you could just create your helix then project it onto your surface. Then reverse the helix and join with the one you just projected and check tangency.

How to replace solid face with surface face?

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My understanding of the problem is that you want to use the surface you created as the top surface of your solid. I would have started my model a little differently but with what you have here is how I would achieve what you are looking for. Here is a link to video of me doing it. http://youtu.be/_QlfGXh7ghU These commands are not on the standard feature ribbon by default and you can add them if you use them a lot, or do like I did and just use the command finder search bar.

Detailed instructions for "PULL FACE" command in NX

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Detailed instructions for "PULL FACE" command in NX

Tutorial - Modeling Spring in AutoCAD using extrude face?

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Here is the tutorial.

How to Delete a Face using Unstitch tool in Autodesk Fusion 360 in Bangla

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In this very learning session, we will see a fusion 360 tutorial in Bangla to delete a face. This tutorial focuses on the fusion 360 step-by-step tutorial and one of the best fusion 360 tutorial for the absolute beginner. Besides, fusion 360 practice projects are the main focus here. This tutorial is for Autodesk fusion 360 for beginners in part modeling, Anyone can convert it into a .stl file for 3d printing. Avoid the noise. Social links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shahriar.sif... LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/md-shahri... Twitter: https://twitter.com/sifatME_164 fusion 360 step-by-step tutorial fusion 360 tutorial youtube fusion 360 modeling tutorial fusion 360 step-by-step tutorial best fusion 360 tutorials fusion 360 tutorial fusion 360 practice projects Autodesk fusion 360 for beginners learn CAD HOW How to Autodesk fusion 360 2020 RUET Bangla


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