Create Basketball Using CREO 3.0

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(Video Tutorial) SolidWorks Practice - Binocular Modeling | Field Glass Fun Drawing | Telescope | Beginners Tutorial

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In this video, I am going to show an easy way to design Binocular for Practice with SolidWorks software. It covers from the beginning to end to explain how to model field glasses in very easy way. It can help the beginners -Tech Hawk

Modeling Piggy

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Modeling Piggy in Solidworks, Suitable for 3D Printing

Modeling Cat

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Modeling Cat in Solidworks, Suitable for 3D Printing.

Tutorial: Torus Möbius

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Here are the steps I did to make this model. Start by opening a new sketch. I made my part in mm, As the name suggests, this shape is just a torus cut in half with a möbius (still a single solid body) It can be helpful to rename your sketches and features to make them easier to select down the line. If you do not know how to do this look here; http://grabcad.com/questions/tutorial-tips-keeping-your-freature-tree-clean-and-organized-in-solidworks

How to Create a Wooden Stool in CollabCAD

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Tutorial of a Wooden Stool Created in CollabCAD made in India CAD Software

Tutorial: How to use mechanism consttraint for fun with Creo Parametric

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Do you like a chess? Do you like your CAD software? >> Here is the short tutorial: How you can combine your CAD software and game

Barrel 15 liters

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How to model a Barrel 15L. Solid modeling. Video with step-by-step model building.

How to Create a Jug in CollabCAD

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Tutorial of 3D Model of a Jug created in CollabCAD

How to Create a Razor Blade in CollabCAD

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Tutorial of Razor Blade 3D Model Created in CollabCAD