Tutorial: How to analyze a distributed force in Catia V5 FEM Analysis

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Download the file: Tutorial_FEM_plate.CATPart

Tutorial: How to analyze a thermal load in Catia V5 FEM Analysis

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Download the files: Tutorial_FEM_piston.CATPart temperature.xlsx

Generative Design - Topology Optimization

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Designer Based Structural Optimization Creating optimal next generation designs https://www.udemy.com/topologyoptimization/

CATIA V5 Generative Sheetmetal Design

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This Tutorial Contains CATIA v5 Sheetmetal design videos for getting started with sheetmetal design

Piston Head Generative Structural and Thermal Analysis in CATIA V5 | Analysis report in CATIA V5

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Hello, In this video, I have designed and done the structural and thermal analysis on piston head and made a report. The report can be used in the publishing deisgns analysis and in manufacturing sector where analysis of component is very essential before going to the main process of manufacturing

Simplification Surface and Surface Mesh

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https://youtu.be/XQ0Q6M66ToM This tutorial shows you how to transform a multi-patches surface into a clean surface. With the surface simplification functionality, you can merge patches together and obtain a proper surface. Combined with the healing feature, you fill the small gaps and connect all the patches together. To verify if the surface you can offset it to see if it is fully healed. The final step is to open the SIMULIA Structural Model Creation application, to mesh the surface and see why is it useful to clean the surface first.

Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners |TUMBLER |BAT-MOBILE|PART 1

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Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners |TUMBLER |BAT-MOBILE|PART 1 Create Bat mobile using, freestyle,sketch-tracer and generative shape design module.

generative sheetmetal design

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generative sheetmetal design(fold and unfold), drafting, part design

Generative Design with solide edge: a case study

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Generative design in Solid Edge integrates advanced topology optimization within the Solid Edge 3D modeling toolkit, helping designers to create lighter components, minimize material waste in downstream manufacturing. Generative design produces an organic, reduced-mass geometric solution of a specific material optimized within a defined space, accounting for permissible loads and constraints. These highly customized designs are well-suited for casting or high-resolution 3D printing, or they can be modified for traditional manufacturing. Generative design in Solid Edge is unique in that it results in “ready-to-print” surface quality. In this video https://youtu.be/XrHjdoLKATk , you’ll learn: - What generative design is, and how it is different - The step-by-step process for creating an optimized shape Please support by subscribing

How to create helix along curve

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When a Helix command is used in CATIA, a line has to be selected as an axis. To create a helix curve along any curve, not only a straight line, follow these steps.

Surface Design in catiav5

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In this tutorial, u will learn how to surface design in catiav5

Design an Easter Egg

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Hi! I wish you all a Happy Easter 2019!! This is a new Design Fast Tutorial (nb.5) and of course I wanted to show you how we could design a simple Easter Egg on CATIA using shape design. The purpose of this video is to highlight a new feature in Generative Shape Design called Disconnect. First, we will start by making an egg on a geometrical set (surface design) then sketch some curved lines and project them on the egg. we will use the disconnect feature to create several patches on the model. The second phase will focus on transform this shape into a solid. Use the automatic fillet to smooth our egg and just have fun by coloring it! Do no hesitate to add comments or send me message about new topics for instance! Please subscribe and visit our website: http://www.plm-technology.com/ Use Captions and Enjoy :) https://youtu.be/NJEDoE4RmQ4

Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners | SKYRIM | WAR-AXE | PART 1

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Learn catia V5 Tutorials for beginners | SKYRIM | WAR-AXE | PART 1

[VIDEO] Autodesk Fusion 360 Tutorial - How to Do the Basic Generative Design

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This tutorial is about how to do the generative design with basic settings in Autodesk Fusion 360. This feature was updated on December 31, 2019.

Shock Absorber Preload Analysis using CATIA Generative Structural Analysis (FEA)

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This BND TechSource video shows how to use CATIA Generative Structural Analysis (FEA) to prove the following: 1) The spring rate will be linear when the spring has a consistent (evenly spaced) pitch and a constant diameter. 2) Preloading the spring on the coil over assembly will NOT change the rate of the spring. 3) Preloading the spring on the coil over assembly WILL affect the deflection at load (length at load) of the shock absorber. Please visit us at: https://bndtechsource.wixsite.com/home Compression Spring calculations with FEA results (Excel): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zuos7ku2lzUF9r2k7wINmk1g3dGYyvwg/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=114849995441101610372&rtpof=true&sd=true