Involute profile in splines (1)

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This is a short description of how involute profiles are used in splines like DIN 5480, DIN 5482, ISO 4256, and ANSI 92.1

Metric taper

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It is a simple description of the ISO 3040 taper ratio and an application to the ISO 5356.

Hoist FEM group

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Selection criteria of FEM group of hoist The size of the hoist is determined by the load spectrum, average operating time per working day, SWL(Safe Working Load) and reeving. 1. What are the operating conditions? 2. What is the specified SWL? 3. To what height must the load be lifted? 4. What is the required lifting speed? 5. Do the loads need to be lifted and lowered with high precision? 6. Is horizontal load travel necessary? 7. How is control to be effected? The load spectrum (in most cases estimated) can be evaluated in accordance with the following definitions:

Involute profile in splines (2)

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This is a continuation of the previous tutorial https://grabcad.com/tutorials/involute-profile-in-splines-1

Allen Screw ISO 4762 Metric Standards Equation Modeling in SolidWorks

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Video Tutorial on Modeling ISO Metric Standard in SolidWorks. In this video we will model an M8 Screw ISO 4762 Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw (Allen Screw) in SolidWorks using ISO Design Standards.

Dimensional Standards in SolidWorks

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In this tutorial, we will know the different dimensional standards available within SolidWorks.


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