Airplane propeller - ceiling lamp – 3D printed project

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3D printed airplane propeller as a ceiling lamp (decoration). Project is not finished yet, bulb has to be added, some kind of holder, electricity...

Industrial/steampunk lamp with 3D printed parts

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Industrial/steampunk lamp with 3D printed parts

Solidworks Tutorial #138 How to Model a Ovals Lamp Shade Design in Solidworks by SW Easy Design

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LAMP Holder

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A lamp holder is the device for holding a light bulb or lamp. Most light fittings or luminaires have a lamp holder. For wall and ceiling lights with a fixed lamp holder, it's important that the lamp holder is compatible with the type of bulb you want to use. 1. Use Lofted Surface command to create this holder. There are three guide curves and three profile curves. 2. Circular pattern to copy this surface with 8 instances. 3. Add planar surface at the top and extruded surface at the bottom. 4. Knit surface to change become solid 5. Shell command with 1.5 mm of thickness May be useful Thank you


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LAMP DESIGN. Light & Shadow. See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esnyU7ws4Fc

Square LAMP Holder

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Lamp Holder with the square model. Using command: 1. Extruded boss 2. Sweep surface 3. Split 4. Split line 5. Offset surface 6. Shell 7. Rib 8. Hole wizard

Table lamp modeling in solidworks

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I made this simple table using solidworks 2016.

How to model a lamp in SolidWorks?

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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create one of these beautiful lamps in SolidWorks,with only 14 steps. Commands you’ll use: Sweep, Extrude, Revolve, Fillet. Time to complete: abt 15 min.

Tutorial - Modeling Lamp shade in SolidWorks method 2?

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Here is the tutorial.

SolidWorks Tutorial Screen Lamp 3D Print - ARPSolidWorks

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SolidWorks Tutorial Screen Lamp 3D Print. How to make a lamp screen 3d print in solidworks, explained step by step in Spanish, I hope you like it. ▶ You can leave a 👍 and subscribe here → https://goo.gl/hKNGky ▶ Activate the 🔔 to find out about all the videos.

How to Draw a LED BULB

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You will learn step by step how to draw a Led Bulb. Consist of fitting, body and cover. And added with knock down system to connect between body and cover.

Creo Parametric: helix lamp

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I hope this video useful for everyone want to become professional design of engineer I have a channel in youtube about CAD 3D, I hope this useful for you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw_Zp8rsvtI01SnhkM_4FAw