[VIDEO]Exploded Views Description(Arabic Tutorial)

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Hello Everybody and Welcome In This Video Tutorial I'll give an Intro. about Exploded Views Also Explain How to Make an Exploded View Using SOLIDWORKS Also Export it into a Drawing and Make Bill of Material Table . I Hope You Enjoy Watching my Tutorial. if you Learned Something New Please Like and Subscribe For more Useful Videos

PolyJet Materials and Uses: Tips and Tricks

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Materials are critical to prototyping and production success. At the heart of any great application is the right material: one that performs as needed under the application’s conditions. This is just as true for 3D printing as it has always been for molding, machining, and casting. While the 3D printing industry has a wide variety of materials to choose from, ranging from plastic to metal and wax to paper, the selection is often quite limited for a given technology. It is even more restricted for specific 3D printers, with one exception.

Does not make standard parts,download them.

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Standard parts are not modeled ! Go to side : https://www.tracepartsonline.net/(S(nqfxiakz3pdcrzuhft0mp20g))/content.aspx?home=1&class=TRACEPARTS and FREE download all standard parts ,for all cad software.

Investigation for constructions with renewable raw materials

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Why did I develop the last constructions in the area of furniture when I normally develop medical products (instruments)? The reason was to carry out studies on how to make large assemblies and products from a few, simple and repeatable parts. In addition to the striking design, far from the mainstream, another condition was to use renewable raw materials that have at least 75% volume. Last but not least, the products should be durable and usable. The requirements were all met or exceeded. Now the investigations follow, which prices have to be achieved in order to be able to produce cost-effectively. In the end, this should prove that it is possible to produce attractive products that also make ecological sense.

Pre-Printing Tips for PolyJet High-Performance Materials

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This tutorial gives you tips for how to use Digital ABS Plus, Rigur, and High-Temperature RGD525; PolyJet’s high performance materials for Stratasys printers. You can truly optimize final results for these materials if you know how to best utilize GrabCAD Print settings for part orientation, surface finish, printing mode, and tray preparation. Below, we will show you how.

Choosing the Right Materials

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This tutorial goes over the different materials you should use when building your bot. Modified from the work of previous BattleBots leads and aspects of the BattleBots Bible (RioBotz Combot Tutorial 2.0).

What is the best/fastest way to import the body files to Keyshot with being able to assign different materials/colors to several places of body?

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If you want to add different colors/materials to different faces on one single body then you have to differentiate the faces in SW before importing it to Keyshot. (Unfortunately Keyshot doesn't support "faces" like Photoview, so you have to assign different colors in SW first - then Keyshot recognizes them as different surfaces). Here is an example how to add different materials to a single body on part cube.

solidworks BOM

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Calculation of material requirements for disolidworks

jarron impreso en 3d probando filamento de smartfil

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SolidWorks practice tutorial

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This tutorial illustrates how to add material and colour to a model/design in SolidWorks. In addition, also how to use chamfer, fillet, extruded boss/base in SolidWorks.

How to Use Appearances in SolidWorks

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When it comes to 3D modeling software, SOLIDWORKS is king. The innovative, integrated software solution offers various robust features to accommodate even the most intricate models. SOLIDWORKS can be used to make anything. If you can think it, you can model it. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be manufacturable. Want to apply colors, textures and decals onto your models? After watching this Video Tech Tip, you will know the ins and outs of applying appearances in SOLIDWORKS. An appearance defines the visual properties of a model, including color and texture. Appearances do not affect physical properties, which are defined by materials. Appearances takes your model or part one step closer to looking more realistic and lively. In a part, you can add appearances to faces, features, bodies, and the part itself.

How to Manage Printer Materials in GrabCAD Shop

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GrabCAD Shop allows users to manage their 3D printer materials via the Admin Console and the shop itself as an operator. Please note that only admins have access to the Admin Console.