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here in this video u can find how to create a nut model using intersect command

Tutorial how to create a simple fan?

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These are the steps below...

[VIDEO]solidwork Eng_HM

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this course help you to design on solid work that happen by drawing some parts to use different features who can inter this course? any one can inter this course can subscribe my channel in youtube to follow the new video and can follow in grabcad site For design on Programs & Solve some software problems You can send parts to Email to draw on the solidwork Hatem.mohamed4410@gmail.com Don't forget to subscribe and like Wait for me in a new video 3D modelling in Solidworks

simple part design exercise 3

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this video shows how to draw simple part design in catia....and also help to learn mirror command,pad,pocket,fillet,rib from this video.... please subscribe my channel to get more videos...thankyou ************************************************************** more videos please click below Plastic hub https://youtu.be/C73GUbwhqNs CATIA SIMPLE PART TUTORIAL https://youtu.be/A_yyTexHlTM Dress hook https://youtu.be/Qxg9l0pAnDQ PVC 90 DEGREE TEE COUPLING BEND https://youtu.be/xny6Bzyw0fw

It is a simple plastic mold release method.

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It is a simple plastic mold release method. In order to create a simple plastic mold, the model must first be completed. Mold separation line is determined in accordance with the model. Then, as shown in the picture, a female mold is created. After the creation of a female mold, a male mold is created. At the end, the pusher pins are placed to remove the part remaining in the male mold in accordance with the model and the process is completed. These processes are also very simple for mold creation. You can review other models and patterns on my page and use these examples. My request from you is that you like my models while downloading.


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In this tutorial, i am going to show you how to draw a bolt with simple steps in CATIA V5. I glad if you leave a like, it will be encourage me to share more tutorials like this and better. Thanks in advance...

fan-blade design using wireframe design in catia

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here you can find how to create a fan blade using catia . will be really helpful for the beginners

Solidworks 2017 Tutorial: Design a Mechanical Pen in 8 Simple Steps|Dome, Boss, Base Extrude offset|

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https://youtu.be/jw-Dv_kT8lo Here is a tutorial on how to design a mechanical pen in Solid works. A pen has been modeled by sketches, boss/bass extrude, offset extrude and Dome commands. Don't forget to like and subscribe my channel as it helps me bring more tutorial videos to your comfort. Here is a pdf. version of the same tutorial: https://tinyurl.com/y7hzhjxy Below is a brief description of the Solidworks course that was mentioned in the video. You can download free project instructions at the provided links. Enjoy Designing this beautiful yacht Visit ► https://tinyurl.com/y89bn4uq◄ to download a free SolidWorks eBook. In this free PDF tutorial you will discover how to model an amazing yacht in Solid Works. With this step-by-step modeling course, your modeling skills will be launched to an expert level in only a couple of weeks. You will start with the basics, such as the propeller and radar, and then progress to more complicated models ending with challenging shapes like the Hull and Superstructure using advanced surface modeling techniques. I am a huge Sunseeker fan. That's why this yacht model is based on the existing Sunseeker Predator 108. So the full credits for the design will go to Sunseeker. This course will help you to discover the most important features of SOLIDWORKS in a creative and innovative way. You will also get a solid understanding of advanced surface modeling in SOLIDWORKS. All the exercises together will form a beautiful yacht to put in your portfolio. This practical way of working makes it challenging, but interesting, and is one of the greatest strengths of this tutorial package. I am 100% sure that this tutorial package will help you to become successful as a designer or engineer FAST. Click here to download your free eBook: https://tinyurl.com/y89bn4uq Follow on youtube: https://tinyurl.com/yc7x6fqd Google Plus:

How to do great renders in SolidWorks

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If you don't have Photoview 360 or SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you also can do great renders with simple tools. Tip: Select Plain white or Backdrop - Grey with overhead ligths scene when enable Realview Graphics

How to Link Text to View

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Are you aggravated with placing text in a drawing referring to a certain view, and when you move that view the text doesn't move with it. This tutorial will show you how fix this problem.

Elbow Pipe

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Making of Elbow pipe in CATIA V5 R20

Learning SolidWorks Mechanism Part 3 - Simple/Compound Gear Train Modeling & Simulation Video Tutorial

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In this video tutorial we will learn how to model & simulate a simple and compound gear train in SolidWorks.

Zig-zag stairs

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Simple modeling tutorial for creating modern zig-zag stairs with Rhino.

Tutorial - Simple sheet metal part in SolidWorks?

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Here is the Tutorial.

Simple blade

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Simple blade design using various tools. With the help of Surface