Design Tables & Configurations to Validate Robust Models in SolidWorks

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In this tutorial Design Tables are used to create multiple configurations of a simple model in SolidWorks.

Sheet Metal 05 Bend Tables

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Solidworks Design Table Formulas

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This is a video tutorial of how to model and use Formulas in Design Tables Design Table Basics Video Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk74gWNCbQw&t=0s

Solidworks- Design Tables Basics

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Solidworks- Design Tables Basics

Design Automation

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Design Automation in solidworks by using Design Tables, Equation, Configuration ETC.

[Tutorial Video] Parametric Modeling, Design Table, Configuration, Sketch relations and dimensions interlinking Video Tutorial

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In this video tutorial we will design Multiple configuration/sizes of one standard part using design table in Excel with configuration in SolidWorks. This video tutorial is very important considering industrial aspects. In Industries many times need arises to create standard sizes of a single part multiple times like for hexagonal nut. In that case we use Configurations, Design tables to do that. For this video tutorial we need very basic knowledge of MS Excel. Microsoft Excel is a very important software considering all type of industrial aspects. The way sketching is done looks very complicated but is done to keep all the references and relations with other sketches and features. Things we learn in This video tutorial 1. Design Table 2. Configuration 3. Design Standards 4. SolidWorks Sketching & Modeling a) Formulas b) Linking dimensions c) Equations in Dimensions d) Managing Dimensioning e) Dimensioning & Sketching intent. 5. Hexagonal Part 6. Basic Drawing Blog Post :- https://cadgill.blogspot.com/2019/05/parametric-modeling-in-solidworks-using.html 3D model :- https://grabcad.com/library/parametric-design-table-configuration-modeling-hex-nut-1

In solid works I need to make an array of 'pixels' each with a different height. I can make each pixel as a configuration from a design table but I can't display all of the configurations at once or is there a better way.

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Hi, here is my solution. In my mind, you already familiar with Design Table & Configuration, so i skip with the setup. What you need to do just make an assembly.