Solidworks CSWPA-WD weldments sample exam

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. . . . . . . . This is the Solidworks CSWPA-WD weldments sample exam Exam link: https://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/8539_ENU_HTML.htm Notice : This sample exam doesn't cover all solidworks weldments functionalities For those who want to pass the real exam , it features : -Weldment profile creation -Placing the Weldment profile in the Weldment profile library -Basic and Advanced Weldment Part creation -Weldment corner modification -Placing gaps at corners and segment intersections -End Caps -Gussets -Weldment Part modification -Trim/Extend Command -3D Sketch Creation -Cut List Folder management in the Weldment Part -Cut List creation in the Weldment Drawing Feel free to ask questions. Good luck.

[VIDEO] Introduction Weld Design app - CATIA 3DXP R20x

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Hello Everyone, This new video will give you an introduction to Weld Design application in CATIA 3DExperience R20x. Before doing the tutorial, you should import the Welding Resources in the platform. Watch this video to do it: https://youtu.be/5oXbP_Ht9Ho In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Weld Bundles in an assembly and create several Weld Lines between parts. The power of this app is that the Weld lines are fully associative with you design! If you move the part in the assembly, the Weld lines will follow the position and update geometry if changes are made. Find the 3D model on this GrabCad link: https://grabcad.com/library/assembly-welded-1 Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe ;) * I am not an expert on Weld Symbol, so I might be wrong on the Drafting scene. I just wanted to show you the capabilities of the software. ** Special thanks to Vegar Kobbevik for helping me doing this video!

Creo Weld Types

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Theory before upcoming Creo Welding tutorials

Modelling welds with FreeCAD 0.19

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This tutorial explain how to model welds with FreeCAD, version 0.19. For that we will use epsiloidal primitive sequences placed on the weld seams. Principle is described in Step 1 and then other steps describe practical cases. We will mainly use Part and Draft workbenches and functions Primitives, Epsiloid and Path Array.

[Video] Import Welding Resources

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Hello all, This 2-min tuto will show you how to import the Welding Resources 3dxml file needed for the Weld Design application in CATIA 3DExperience on Cloud. You need to log as "Leader" on the Collaborative Space you want to import the file. You will locate the file here: C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B422_Cloud\win_b64\startup\Welding\WeldingResources Then change to "Owner" role and make sure that welding resources is well applied to the Collaborative Space by opening the DATA Setup application. Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe :)

Surface vs. Light vs. Solid Weld type

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Welding in Creo - new tutorial

Spot and Plug welds

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Quick video tutorial: How to create Spot and Plug welds in creo

Simulation to determine weld size in solidworks for beginnners

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https://youtu.be/rdcLC3yFZR0 So this video is basically for those who dont know what should be the weld size in ur welding well solidworks has inbuilt feature to calculate it if anybody want to learn how to use it check out the video dont forget to subscribe

Welded coffee table

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In this tutorial we will look at how to use the 'WarehouseProfiles' function in the MetalWB workbench to create a simple welded structure. We will also see how to insert a cutting list into the drawing using the FCTreeView macro and Techdraw.

How to Install a Slip on Flange

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How to Install a Slip on Flange Slip on flanges usually “slip” over a pipe and are welded in place. This allows the flanges to swivel freely to easily align bolt holes prior to installing and welding in place. Flanges are most often used to connect pipes that have diameters of more than 2 inches. The flange’s joint consists of two matching disks of metal, separated by a gasket, that are bolted together to achieve a secure seal with the gasket material. The flange is attached to the pipe by screwed fittings. The flange uses force provided by the bolts to pre-load the gasket. When internal pressure is applied, there is enough contact stress between the flanges and gasket to maintain a seal. Check the flange and pipe to make sure there is no damage that may prevent a proper seal from being formed. Slide the slip-on flange onto the pipe using your hand. Determine where you will be welding the flange to the pipe. In most cases, you will be welding the flange to the end of the pipe. Use a welder to weld the insid