How to convert CAD files in Workbench

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How to convert file formats, such as sldprt and sldasm files, to STEP, IGES, STL, Parasolid (.x_t), ACIS (.sat), JT, or VRML (.wrl)

Filling basic 6-sided holes in Rhino

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This tutorial shows how to fill a 6-sided hole surrounded by simple planar surface transitions in Rhino.

Video Tutorials from Rhino 3D Tutorials

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A series of little tutorials made available on my Youtube channel. For more detailed Rhino 3D tutorials here's the link https://rhino-3d-classes-from-beginner-to-advanced-lev.teachable.com/

Industrial shelter 12x4 meters (Rhinoceros)

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Industrial shelter 12 meter wide, 4 meters long and 2,97 meters total high (2,53 meters usable high from the front, and 2,88 meters from the back). Area is 48 m2. Uses 5 mm thick laser cut plates and the following tubes sizes (all in millimeters): 100x100x2 mm 80x40x2 mm Includes a link to YouTube with a video tutorial showing the design process from start to finish with Rhinoceros: https://youtu.be/6KgcZnYgpok


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LAMP DESIGN. Light & Shadow. See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esnyU7ws4Fc


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COVID MASK DESIGN See video: https://youtu.be/dUNSE50tm58

How to upload files to GrabCAD Workbench?

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Here is how I created a new Workbench project and a few different ways I uploaded SolidWorks files. This is was also my first time using the upload folders option so I came across a few bugs that I am sure will be worked out but they are not a big deal. Please feel free to leave comments if this worked for you or if you have a different or better way to do it. I will tell you how to start your Workbench project and upload SolidWorks files. I am assuming you know how to create your files. For this tutorial, I will upload a .zip file containing all of the part and assembly files. You can make this many ways but one of the best ways is to use the Pack-and-Go option in SW. Many other CAD programs have a similar option and this makes sure all the required files are included.


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See video. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=ki-eW7W6Bnc


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Blend surface - Advanced Planar sections (tutorial 1)

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Blend surface with advanced "Planar sections" option

Zig-zag stairs

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Simple modeling tutorial for creating modern zig-zag stairs with Rhino.


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PLASTIC COVER & MOLD See video: https://youtu.be/GIDRJFsyOpY

Filling basic 6-sided holes in Rhino (ver. 3)

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This tutorial shows how to fill a 6-sided hole surrounded by simple planar surface transitions in Rhino.

Loft magic

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When it comes to organic NURBS shapes like that, nothing can beat the quality, simplicity and History-enabled modification that Loft with the “Loose” option provides. A good practice is to use profile curves with the same degree and amount of control points. I started by creating the round base by using the Circle command with the “Deformable” option and 8 control points. Then, I simply copied it a few times and modified each one individually by moving its control points in the desired location. I also used Scale 3D and Scale 1D to adjust the overall size of each profile curve. As I moved or modified each intermediate curve, the History-enabled Loft surface updated in real-time, thus it let me decide what changes I needed to make to achieve the desired shape. NOTE: In this example initially I used the “Normal” option of Loft, which is not a good way to do the shape. The video capture was interrupted for some reason and stopped far earlier, so you will not see how I then deleted the loft surface and create

Editable tween curve on surface or polysurface

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History in Rhino 7 must be turned on, in order for the modifications on the input surfaces to affect the output tween surface and its corresponding curve intersection. The latter could be further simplified via the "! _RemoveMultiKnot" command, though that will destroy the history and also may cause the curve to no longer sit perfectly accurate on the surface/polysurface.