How to 3D Print Jigs & Fixtures, Part 2: Designing for Print

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This is the second part of a four-part tutorial series on how to optimize your manufacturing jigs & fixtures for 3D printing. Today, we'll go over what to do in each design pass as you're optimizing your part, including specific steps to do in your CAD package, your print-preparation tool, and if you're bold, your FEA package. Later installments of this series will deal with FDM material selection and post-processing for jigs & fixtures.

Linear Static Study in 10 simple steps.

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Linear Static Study with SolidEdge.

Flexure Stress: Manual vs CAD Simulation

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Flexure Stress in a Function Defined Cross-section Cantilever Manual Calculations vs. Simulation in SolidWorks

[Video] Thermal Analysis of Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger

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This video (Link shown below) Briefs shell and tube type heat exchanger introduction, construction, workflow, etc. It explains shell side and tube side of heat exchanger. It also explains how to apply thermal loading on shell side and tube side, how to consider perfectly insulated condition, how to applied air convection for outer saddle bodies in ansys workbench. It shows how to achieve thermal gradient and match with the applied loading conditions.

[VIDEO] Stop Valve FEA

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This video (Refer Video Link below) explains detail FE analysis of stop valve. It briefs introduction & construction of stop valve, Also explains the geometry simplification, FEA model mesh creation, contact definitions, bolt pretension and pressure load application, stress extraction and stress assessment though stress linearization using ANSYS. Video Link: https://youtu.be/naaFwGbSQoY


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this tutorial is fully about bolt pretension using ansys

Car wheel rim finite element analysis

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Learn how to use SesamX, Salome and FreeCad to create a finite element simulation of a car wheel rim. This tutorial is composed of 4 steps: 1) How to prepare the rim geometry for meshing using FreeCad. 2) How to mesh the rim using Salome. 3) How to analyze the rim deformation using SesamX. 4) And how to visualize the results using Salome. You can consult the detailed wheel rim tutorial for a deeper presentation: https://www.sesamx.io/doc/tutorials/car_wheel_rim The geometry used for this tutorial is provided by Henry: https://grabcad.com/library/car-rim-132

[VIDEO] Beam Calculation Simulation Tutorial 1/2-Finite Element Analysis with Weight-Mixed Mesh -Solidworks

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WATCH THE VIDEO LOW, GET DOWN THE SCROLL BAR In this video I will teach how to calculate a metal structure considering a weight of an equipment in a certain region of the structure - STRESS ANALYSIS - FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION TUTORIAL ================= ================= DO NOT CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/projetos_infinity ================= ================= join our youtube community: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF2k47g7uAo0lM-kA13V6jQ?sub_confirmation=1 Here's how to take a solidworks whatsapp course with me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQgoTn96wAw&t=174s

ANSYS workbench interface CREO

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Tutorial objective outcomes: -develop skill in ANSYS workbench FEA -determine MAX stress location -define loads -define constraints - Background: FEA analysis on BAJA frame design. The Baja frame is model in CREO and surface sweeps. The frame surface is assigned a thickness in ANSYS workbench. Pre-requite- ANSYS product/CAD configuration installed. This tutorial is based on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FqyNxxGzCs

#10 Modal Analysis of a Chime Tube | ANSYS | ABIS CADDworks ABIS CADDworks

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Modal Analysis of a Chime Tube

Ex-2 Static analysis

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In this tutorial we are going to perform the static analysis on wrench assembly using pin and spring joint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCcIUCkX_ro&t=419s

#5 Static Structural Analysis of a Bracket | ANSYS | ABIS CADDworks ABIS CADDworks

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Static Structural Analysis of a Bracket

ANSYS Tutorial 2022 : Bevel gear analysis using Ansys Workbench 2022

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A bevel gear is a toothed rotating machine element used to transfer mechanical energy or shaft power between shafts that are intersecting, either perpendicular or at an angle. This results in a change in the axis of rotation of the shaft power. Aside from this function, bevel gears can also increase or decrease torque while producing the opposite effect on the angular speed. https://www.iqsdirectory.com/articles...

CATIA V5 Generative Structural Analysis (GSA) Frequency Analysis

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This video will provide information on frequency analysis of a pump impeller. You can post your questions in the comment box, I'll be more than happy to help you guys.