How to use sweep in solidworks?

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Added a SW file to your model with (sweep) cable added used 3d sketch feature to get a "lifelike" cable and next time, please draw scale 1:1, easier to use your model as a part in future assemblies....now your USC connector is very, very small

Tutorial: How to use "bend part" feature in Autodesk Inventor?

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Tutorial to use "bend part" feature in Autodesk Inventor.

Solidworks Tutorial Truck Bumper

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Design By Solidworks Software

[Tutorial]Design a SSD cover with Assembly Protected feature in CATIA 3DExperience

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https://youtu.be/8DqwRw4tXl4 Dear CATIA Fans, Today's video is about keeping link between parts in CATIA 3DExperience R19x. The video is divided in 3 Parts: 1) First, you will make the plastic cover part using 2 different bodies (cover and ribs). You will use the union trim feature to assemble the 2 bodies and obtain a nice result ;) 2) One method to to remove the SSD from the Cover is to Copy/Paste Special "as result" the SSD body into the Cover 3DShape and remove it from the PartBody. 3) The second method to achieve this result is to use the feature Protected in Assembly Design. The result is very similar, but you also have the option for offsetting a surface around the part. Please Like, Comments, Subscribe and Share :)

Advance complex design in solidworks for beginners Tutorial link : https://youtu.be/7IRrdaVuhTM

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other cool tutorial link : foot powered animation : https://youtu.be/MAzuEydijNY gearless power transmission : https://youtu.be/f_NEoy4hNH8 oldham coupling new design : https://youtu.be/_DB6KC9i_q8 convert rotating to oscillating motion in solidworks : https://youtu.be/D97WoLuGTJE intermittent reciprocating mechanism : https://youtu.be/BeU8jwjhBbM robot hand grip mechanism : https://youtu.be/yMjqqcleAQw Deformation of rods under load : https://youtu.be/ubK4p7_m910 punching machine animation in solidworks : https://youtu.be/6kKOIdMfua0

Tutorial - Jog feature (Sheet-metal) in SolidWorks?

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Here is the Tutorial.

(Video Tutorial) SolidWorks Practice for Beginners | 3D Modeling Example |Circular Pattern Extruded Boss Extruded Cut

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Tech Hawk | In this tutorial, I am going to draw a simple 3D element with different SolidWorks features. Extruded Boss, Extruded Cut and Circular pattern are used here to model this 3D body. Hope this tutorial will help SolidWorks learner to practice these features. 0:00 Create part and sketch 03:00 Extruded Boss feature 05:30 Extruded Cut Feature 06:40 Circular Pattern

Solidworks tutorials for beginners| Exercise 11

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Solidworks tutorial for beginners Exercise 11. A step by tutorial to complete this exercise. Learn How to use Boss Extrude? How to use solidworks rib feature? How to make reference plane? How to make hole references? How to use sketch relations?

how to generate program in nx-cam using feature based machining?

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please select the link for the tutorial

Tutorial - Using cut with surface feature in SolidWorks?

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Here is the tutorial.

Tutorial - Using Combine feature to create part in SolidWorks?

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Here is the tutorial.

How to create Mirror feature

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Create and manage a Mirror feature in Creo or How to specify dependent or independent mirrored geometry

How to split bodies in solid works (Split) I Split feature

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For video tutorial please click the link: https://youtu.be/l6hSm6uUdUE

PTC Creo 4.0: How to create Revolve feature

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The Revolve features are created in a similar way to Extruded features. The main differences are that the section of a revolve must contain a centerline (which represents the axis of revolution) and an angle of revolution is defined instead of a depth. Here is the video tutorial for you: How to create Revolve feature with Creo

Tutorial - Using Dome feature in SolidWorks?

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Here is the tutorial.