Generative Design - Topology Optimization

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Designer Based Structural Optimization Creating optimal next generation designs https://www.udemy.com/topologyoptimization/

[VIDEO] Topology Optimization on a Bracket

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Hello Everyone, This new video is an introduction to Topology Optimization on the 3DExperience Release 19x. Functional Generative Design application brings the best of CATIA (design) and SIMULIA (topology optimization) in order for you to create light and robust parts. This video will show you the entire topology optimization process on a aluminium bracket that can handle 500N (50kg). You will see how to create a design space and add the functional regions. Then you will create a mesh, add loads and constraints and run a structural simulation. After that you will setup the topology optimization parameters and run the job. The result will be a lighter version of the part. you can run another simulation to validate the result. The organic geometry will be automatically generated. This result can be used for 3D Printed. However if you do not have a 3D Printer, it is also possible to generate a prismatic solid based on machining rules. Hope you will enjoy this video! Find the 3D Model on this GrabCad link: https://grabcad.com/library/topology-optimization-brackets-1 Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe :D

{​Video}​ Topology Optimization

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Topology Optimization is a very powerful tool used to reduce the weight of a component for usage in high-end applications. For example, each part of a Formula One car is optimized as much as it can be optimized using such tools. The tutorial is an example of carrying out the optimization of a bracket using Fusion 360.

See 'The Light©' with the '3 Step Max'-Challenge

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I have realised, that we never disclosed any solution to this challenge: https://grabcad.com/groups/weekly-challenge-group/discussions/3-step-max so here comes a complete tutorial on how I did it. Even though the model is only 3 steps, it contains 7 features and the tutorial use 27 steps, because there are some necessary extra steps needed to make it work in my ancient (but expensive) Solidworks 2014. You will learn some essential tricks such as 'Fit Spline' along the way and maybe eventually see 'The Light©'.

Topology Optimization in ANSYS

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In this video tutorial, I will show you the complete process of running a Topology Optimization analysis in ANSYS. From this video tutorial will learn how to run a topology optimization analysis, design validation, and mesh recommendations for an optimized body to run a validation analysis on it.

Topology Optimization with Multiple Load Cases In ANSYS (Engine Mount)

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In this video tutorial, I will show you the complete process of running a Topology Optimization analysis with multiple load cases in ANSYS. From this video tutorial, you will learn. 1. How to run a topology optimization analysis. 2. Design validation. 3. Named selections creation 4. Mesh recommendation for an optimized body to run a validation analysis on it 5. How to check mesh quality for FEA analysis.

Creo 7 what's new - all in one

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Multibody Design, Unconventional modeling, Topology Optimization, Lattice improvements, How to Move Default CSYS, How to setup custom template, Understanding of model intent, How to Transform thread shape to another model, and more...

Autodesk Fusion 360 Tutorial - How to Simulate the Basic Shape Optimization

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This tutorial is about how to simulate the shape optimization with basic settings on Autodesk Fusion 360. It was uploaded on December 30, 2018.

Topology Optimization Tutorial | Optistruct | Decide the optimum shape!

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Post your doubts and queries about the mechanical design and finite element analysis works which are uploaded in this channel at https://mechanicalcadandfeasoftwarelearningforum.quora.com/ Follow the above quora space and become a contributor by start posting your questions! And also you can get exclusive model files for practice by posting at the quora space https://mechanicalcadandfeasoftwarelearningforum.quora.com/ Subscribe to this channel to learn more about the mechanical design and fea software https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS0csXfM5cQEiwf0qITE0mA?sub_subcription=1

SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Topology Optimization

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In simplest terms, a topology study uses an iterative algorithm to run a design optimization loop that generates the best possible shape based on the information you specify, such as loads, constraints, boundary conditions, and manufacturing controls. Instead of spending time creating a model, you can use the topology-optimized model as a starting point or reference, saving you time while simultaneously improving performance. You can also use topology studies to explore new ideas and varying design options, and help refine your designs by letting you know where to add material and where to take it away. Topology Optimization with SOLIDWORKS enables you to: * Create smaller, lighter-weight components * Modulate part stiffness * Design for additive or subtractive manufacturing * Automate the meshing process * Run the optimization loop in the background #Solidworks #Simulation #topology #optimization @NonCADKeys

SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Parametric Optimization | Constraint = Mass | Goal = Minimum Mass

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You can create a Design Study to perform an optimization or evaluate specific scenarios of your design. The Design Study offers a uniform workflow for the Optimization and Evaluation studies. You can work on a number of problems by using a design study. You can: * Define multiple variables using any simulation parameter, or driving global variable. * Define multiple constraints using sensors. * Define multiple goals using sensors. * Analyze models without simulation results. For example, you can minimize the mass of an assembly with the variables, density and model dimensions, and with the constraint, volume. * Evaluate design choices by defining a parameter that sets bodies to use different materials as a variable.

Strucutural Optimization Analysis-Ansys Design Explorer

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This tutorial focuses on optimization analysis to static analysis application. 1-Deciding input & output variables 2-What if analysis 3-Design points 4-DOE 5-Defining boundaries 6-Response surfaces 7-Sensetivity graphs 8-Defining objective function and constrains. 9-Validate the candidates

Generative Design - Topology Optimization

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Generative Design - Designer Based Structural Optimization Create optimal next generation designs with 3D CAD This class will teach you how to get started with Topology Optimization