Cessna 182 Skylane Design-using Autodesk Fusion 360

8 3 Intermediate
In this video, I am going to make the Cessna 182 Skylane aircraft, I used a blueprint to trace it, I made it with solid. Not even one form!!!

CATIA V5 CoverPump - Exercise - 2D into 3D Modeling

8 0 Beginner
In this guide are displayed CATIA V5 steps modeling based on technical drawings 2D into 3D modeling. The 2D drawing is cover pump.

How to prevent models from being cut in PhotoView 360

8 0 Beginner
While rendering with PhotoView 360, the Final Render might show your model cut - from below - as if a plane sliced through it, although the Integrated Preview (in SolidWorks) shows your model perfectly. I had this issue a couple times, so I thought that others might have it too. So here I'll show you how to fix this problem.

2D into 3D Modeling - Part design training - SOLIDWORKS - Exercise

4 2 Beginner
Look how it looks this 2d drawing in 3D as a body !

Extruded boss on the sphere - SolidWorks - Exercise - 2D into 3D solid modeling

4 0 Beginner
In this guide are displayed SolidWorks steps that are required for extruded boss to the sphere surface and modeling of the overall model based on technical drawings. 2D into 3D solid modeling. Example of exercise.

Solidworks simulation 129 | 2D structural analysis of a wrench

4 1 Intermediate
2D structural analysis of a combination wrench will be carried out using solidworks 2d simulation module. Learn How to carry out 2d simulation on a 3d model? How to carry out plane stress problem? Evaluate stress and deformation in results?

How to change the drawing plane on autocad 3d?

4 0 Intermediate
Hi https://grabcad.com/nataraj.ruban-1, Please see some images that I provided for reference. :) Please don't forget to hit "UPVOTE" below my comments if what I have provided helped you with your problem. Let me know if anything. Thanks & Good luck.

Modeling of a Simple Part in SOLIDWORKS

4 0 Beginner
This tutorial demonstrates use of Extrude and Extruded-cut commands in SOLIDWORKS. CAD model can be found here: https://grabcad.com/library/souvenir-mab-mehmet-1

Aircraft Design-using Autodesk Fusion 360

4 0 Beginner
Video on how to make an aircraft using foams in fusion 360

2D into 3D Modeling - Part design training - Autodesk INVENTOR - Exercise

3 2 Beginner
Look how it looks this 2d drawing in 3D as a body !

CATIA v5 sketch tutorial

3 4 Beginner
i'll show you. how to sketch in catia v5

Tutorial : How to make sketching plane parallel to screen in Creo 2.0?

2 0 Intermediate
Just a tweak in the Creo settings will get it done. Follow the steps.

Tutorial - Extruding from Surface in SolidWorks?

2 0 Beginner
Here is the tutorial.

How to Create A Red Phone Body

2 0 Beginner
Basic knowledge on how to use a sketch plane, how to extrude, how to create a simple hole, how to create a rectangle, how to do fillet, how to change appearance, how to use a circular pattern instead of creating the same geometry for multiple times.