A SOLIDWORKS face mask with Surfacing

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A request was posted in the Questions section asking that an STL file be converted to a proper CAD format. I completed the conversion, and received some requests for older versions of the file, or instructions on how to make it. SOLIDWORKS does not do backwards compatibility very well, so here are the steps I took to make this face mask. A SOLIDWORKS 2020 model and Step file can be downloaded here: https://grabcad.com/library/coronavirus-covid-19-mask-request-1

Seat Cowl Modeling

38 2 Intermediate
I was asked how to make the my Ducati seat cowl in Catia. Unfortunately, I haven't worked in Catia for years, the model was made in Solidworks. Having worked in ProE, CATIA and Solidworks - though menu pics and verbiage may be different, they and other systems, are all capable of creating the same features with similar steps. I created a simplified PDF that shows the basic - steps taken to create this seat. These steps can be used as a frame work to design a wide variety of parts and on several CAD platforms. There are a lot of ways to do things, hopefully you find some of this useful. The model can be downloaded from GrabCAD. It is named: Ducati 996 / 998 Cafe Race Seat.


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Adidas X18+ Soccer Boot Surfacing

28 1 Intermediate
We are going to learn to model the Adidas X18+ soccer boot using surfacing techniques. These are the cleats worn in 2018 by Luis Suarez and Mohamed Salah, among others. The preferred software for this tutorial is Solidworks but any program with comparable surfacing techniques such as CATIA, Rhinoceros and Alias will work. It is an intermediate course because we are touching on advanced surfacing techniques but only develop a basic model of the shoe that can be developed much further.

Siemens NX 12 Surfacing: Step by Step Tutorial

23 4 Intermediate
Siemens NX 12 Surfacing Tutorial: Step by Step Tutorial Some Commands 1.Studio Surface 2.Bounded Plane 3.Sew 4.Shell 5.Combined Curve Watch All Video For Full Tutorial Video 1.Siemens NX 12 Surfacing: Step by Step Tutorial Part-1 https://youtu.be/-5c1hRNXSco 2.Siemens NX 12 Surfacing: Step by Step Tutorial Part-2 https://youtu.be/RgXmQEguql0 3.Siemens NX 12 Surfacing: Step by Step Tutorial Part-3 https://youtu.be/3Ym4L3O2e94 4.Siemens NX 12 Surfacing: Step by Step Tutorial Part-4 https://youtu.be/GlIwPYwUpnU 5.Siemens NX 12 Surfacing: Step by Step Tutorial Part-5 https://youtu.be/5RWytrc0PrU

Creating a Laminated Stock

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a laminated wood stock. This is really only useful for creating convincing renderings of laminated wood, but could also serve to illustrate manufacturing intent on a drawing. I will be demonstrating some intermediate to advanced surface modeling techniques and tools. Prior knowledge of regular and 3D sketching is required, as well as creating reference planes.

Getting started with a CAR design in Solidworks

14 4 Beginner
Designing a car in Solidworks is a mammoth task and requires lot of time and devotion. It may take marathon hours to finish a car design based on the skill level you are. But whichever level you are there are few things which remain common in designing. This article focuses on getting started with car design in Solidworks. These are the things needed to know before you get started and create your own.

SolidWorks Basic Surfacing Exercise Using Trim Tool

12 5 Intermediate
In this video, we are going to understand how we can approach for creating a surface model. The trim tool is explained and used to create this model.

Surfacing with SolidWorks 02

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This is chapter 2 of our mini-course dedicated to surface modeling in SolidWorks. Do not miss any of the chapters, because we are going to learn how to model wonderful and practical objects.

Surfacing With SolidWorks 16

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This time we will see how to use 3D Sketches to make profiles and guide curves to create surfaces. Also how to use them to make auxiliary surfaces to reference them for tangency and curvature. And we will see how to use the excellent tool of the multiple views to work more comfortable in the three dimensional space. Don't miss the next lesson...

Surfacing With SolidWorks

10 8 Beginner
This is a short course on 3D modeling in SolidWorks using surfaces. Surfaces have many advantages for modeling objects aimed at the general consumer market (bottles [plastic, or glass for perfumes and beverages], phones, watches, hand tools, power tools, etc.). The course will be divided into several parts. We will try to cover from the basics, to the more complex use of surfaces. Stay tuned for the different parts of the course. Enjoy!

Surfacing With SolidWorks 07

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Chapter 7 of our mini course. SKETCHING FOR SURFACING PART 1. As the saying goes: The better the sketch, the better the surface. Making good sketches for surface modeling is fundamental, so we will produce high quality surfaces on our models. Don't miss part 2!

Surfacing With SolidWorks 09

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This is chapter 9 of this Mini Course. Here we discuss more auxiliary tools for surface modeling. After this chapter we will do several modeling exercises to put into practice what we have learned. Don't miss it!

How to design plastic chair in Solidworks Surface

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How to design plastic chair in Solidworks Surface Tutorials We will learn Fit Spline, Projected Curve sketch on sketch, Extruded surface, Boundary surface, Lofted surface, Knit Surface, Fillet surface, Mirror surface body, Thickness in Solidworks Surface modelling design tutorials

how to design a honey comb structure in catia

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this tutorial is about designing a honey comb structure in catia v5. it uses surfacing technique and making patterns of the structure. this is one of the easiest way to design a honey comb structure