Change Sketchup Shortcut

how to change sketchup shortcut

  1. Step 1:

    Shortcuts are program commands that are called by pressing the keyboard keys simultaneously. Usually a combination of ctrl, alt or shift combined with numbers or letters.

    In the Sketchup program, shortcut features have been provided simply and automatically. The Sketchup shortcut is a letter on the keyboard which when pressed will display the menu/tool in question.

    This sketchup shortcut can be replaced and customized according to user convenience. So if you want to change the Sketchup shortcut, please follow the tutorial below

    how to change sketchup shortcut

    > Open your Sketchup program

    > After that click Windows then select Preferences

    > The next step is to click the Shortcuts menu, then look for the shortcut button you want to replace via the Filter column

    >At this stage you can add a new shortcut by clicking the Add Shortcut column, then fill it with a new shortcut of your choice. For example here I replace it with the letter G then click the plus button (+)

    Yep, you have successfully replaced the Sketchup shortcut. The next step you can try the new shortcut. If the keyboard command doesn't work please restart it first