diverse shape translation to JT or STP

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Have found a way to import / translate easy shape files like 3ds, wrl, skp, stl, ifc and so on into JT or STP. The shape files can have texture or not. My interest was how to get the shape files with texture translated to JT. For this, I use PCon Planner and save as 3DS. After this, import it into MeshLab (single texture file / no layer) and save it as WRL (VRML 2). This is than easy to import into Teamcenter Livecyle Visualisation (TCVis) and save as JT. If you like to have more imported WRL/JT files into TCvis (JT2Go) please rename the texture or the view results in TCVis (JT2Go) are bad, looks like unplaced textures. If you like to export files with not a texture another way is to use. The fast one with no colours is to save as stl and import it into your volume modeller. The longer way is here to import it into PCon after this save as Skp (Sketchup) and now is to use Automapki (~40 $ or € / year sorry no freeware I have found) and save as STP file. The result you can now import into a volume modeller and use it there or (and) save it as JT and many other files too. Hope you like this tutorial a bit. If you have any questions please let me know.

CATIA V5 CoverPump - Exercise - 2D into 3D Modeling

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In this guide are displayed CATIA V5 steps modeling based on technical drawings 2D into 3D modeling. The 2D drawing is cover pump.

Tutorial - How to drive a Solid Edge model from Excel

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Here's how...


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In this tutorial I will show you how to give motors (rotary) to your mechanism Example of A Robotic Arm is taken

Tutorial on Modeling of Tennis Ball in SolidEdge ST4.

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Model for this tutorial is here(http://grabcad.com/library/tennis-ball--5)

Introduction to Solid Edge

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Part Modeling by Solid Edge

Tutorial: how to model a spiral in Solid Edge

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The spiral is modeled with a sweep command.

Solid Edge import files with vertex colour

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How to create and import files into Solid Edge with vertex colour. With this little tutorial, it is possible to import into Solid Edge (2020) files that had before texture and mesh. For this you need Mesh Lab, TCvis (Teamcenter) or PLMvis and Solid Edge (2020). In Mesh Lab you can import every file it can read and export it to WRL (VRML).

Create 3D model of metal wire mesh in SolidEdge

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Watch tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftXlj_KMS94&feature=youtu.be

SIEMENS NX 11: Edge Blend: Whole Command Explained

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A Tutorial for Siemens NX 11 for Beginner. All Options in Command are explained by its Use. Variable Radius Corner Setback Stop Short of Corner Length Limit Overflow

3D Rendering with Keyshot- Siemens Solid Edge Tutorial

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This video demonstrates the power of 3D rendering included in Solid Edge. Solid Edge offers built-in CAD rendering through integration with Luxion’s KeyShot technology, allowing you to create photo-realistic images and animations from within the modeling environment.

cube in solid edge st10

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es un tutorial de como hacer un cubo en solid edge st10

Sheetmetal bracket solid edge | solid edge sheet metal tutorial | sheet metal design solid edge

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Welcome back to CADable. This is Engr. Ibrahim Omer and today I will teach you about how to sketch sheet metal bracket in solid edge. We will be using following commands: 1) Contour Flange 2) Unbend 3) Normal Cutout 4) Hole 5) Rebend After modeling u bracket, we will apply different material using part painter. I hope you like it. For File: https://grabcad.com/library/sheetmetal-bracket-4 Kindly Subscribe our Channel for more Videos and Projects in SOLIDWORKS, Keyshot, AutoCAD, Solid Edge, Blender etc. We also offer freelancing services. Kindly Like and Share Our Videos. Thanks for Watching. Follow our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CADable​​​ #solidedgesheetmetal #contourflangesolidedge #sheetmetalflatten #CADable

Synchronous Technology In Assembly

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Learn how Solid Edge allows you to easily edit multiple parts in an assembly, without time-consuming history-based edits or the need to create links between parts. Synchronous technology allows you to make simultaneous changes by simply selecting and dragging the parts within an assembly.

How to model a flower vase in Solid Edge?

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here are the steps..